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Identities Abroad

The student experience

Hear from fellow University of Wyoming students who have returned from study abroad. These perspectives from real students can provide you with better insight into what you can get out of your education abroad experience!

Larissa in Ireland

Larissa, Ireland

I chose to study abroad because traveling has always been a major part of my life and I’ve always enjoyed getting to experience and understand new cultures. My time abroad has enhanced my academic experience by allowing me to study a subject in its place of origin. My experiences abroad also helped me determine what goals I’d like to pursue after graduation. My world has opened up, literally, after studying abroad, and there are countless paths for me to choose from now. These experiences have also given me a home on campus and an international family that is always there to support me. Education Abroad has been the best part of my undergrad career and I know this is only the beginning.

Dalton in front of building

Dalton, Argentina

I miss the relentless curiosity I had while exploring Buenos Aires and its culture. Every day I was constantly learning and observing the life around me and how people interacted.

Elianna posing in front of landscape

Elianna, U.S. Virgin Islands

My exchange experience will always be a highlight in my life. Just like any experience that helps you grow and mature, one will never forget nor regret it. Through the friends I’ve made, knowledge I’ve gained and landscapes I’ve seen, a part of me will always be in St. Thomas.

Karolina in a stone building window

Karolina, the Netherlands

Go for it! Don't be afraid of making mistakes, and learning from your experiences abroad. Plan ahead and research the place you are going so that you can benefit fully from being there.

Shelby in London

Shelby, London Semester

Personally, I would like to think I became a lot more open-minded. You think you know so much about the world when you’re in your little home bubble, but the second you leave your comfort zone and that bubble bursts, you realize how small we all really are. I’ve traveled long distances before, but doing it without parents or people I actually knew was something I’d never done. Going to London was the best thing I could have done for myself, and I would definitely go back in a heartbeat. Professionally, I have first-hand knowledge about the politics and culture of a foreign country. That’s something that looks fantastic on a resume, and it’s also extremely valuable in a company that has interests all over the world. I’d like to work for a company like that someday!

Payton in Spain in front of bridge

Payton, Spain

Personally, I think that my opportunity to go abroad made me a much more capable and outgoing person. I traveled across the country alone, so I feel like I can do anything at this point. My time abroad also really helped with my Spanish language, and being bilingual is a huge advantage in most fields of life. Also, by having hands on experience with ESL students I feel I will be more equipped for my future career as a teacher.

Jackson in New Zealond

Jackson, New Zealand

Education abroad was impactful to me in so many ways. Being able to go to the other side of the world alone really made me learn a lot about myself. There were so many instances where I found myself doing something I never even dreamed of. I think the greatest impact however was it gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I made friends there that I think I will stay in contact with for life.

Michala posing in front of water

Michala, Germany

My favorite day abroad was when my group of friends planned a Thanksgiving dinner for me. I had told them that I was going to miss Thanksgiving because I always spent it with my family. In Germany, this is not a holiday but that did not stop my friends from making it one for me. They planned this whole event for me and invited a lot of people. I was full of gratitude that day and love for my friends and time in Germany.

Tia in Australia

Tia, Australia

Out of all the amazing experiences I had in Australia, one of my favorites was the day I swam with whales. Just saying that still sounds crazy to me! I actually swam with whales! The day started with a walk along the beach to the Wharf. There I met up with an amazing company called Sunreef, hopped on a boat, and headed out to the bay. Out on the water, all passengers peeled their eyes as we cruised the coast looking for a whale fin wave, a breach, or a spray from a blowhole. Finally we located a pod of whales, and with excitement a group of ten swimmers and I jumped in to intersect their paths. Oh man, we sure got a show. Surrounded by only the deep blue color of the ocean, a whale rose out of the blue beneath me. Almost as if appearing from nothing, the size of the humpback and the beauty of the whale left me stunned. Then I had a scare that it might breach where I was! Luckily the whale and its buddy decided to circle the group several times, extending the show, then moved on to its original path. After the first swim, we were able to find another pod and finish with another spectacular swim. Overall this day stands as one of the best days of my life. Great company, people, weather, location, and sights. It was an unforgettable experience.