Congratulations, Advocates

Congratulations, advocates, your voices were heard.

All of the Step 3 reductions targeting the Developmental Disabilities Waiver program were restored for the remainder of the biennium in the final supplemental budget bill. The Joint Conference Committee adopted the House position which restored the proposed reductions, and the report from the conference committee was accepted by both chambers on March 30.

You – advocates, families, and providers – did an amazing job getting your stories to local legislators. There was general support for people with disabilities in both legislative bodies from the beginning; the conflict was never about restoring the reductions, but only about how to pay for them.  

The WIND Family to Family Health Information Center will continue to provide updates and opportunities to contribute to key policymaking as it relates to healthcare in Wyoming.

Family Forum Resources

Family Forum on Potential Impact of Budget Reductions on Medicaid Developmental Disability Waiver Services

Panel public forums were held January 26 & 27 to provide education to families that have members who receive services through the developmental disability waiver. Information for families was provided about the how the proposed state budget reductions might impact individuals and families.

Panel members included a family member, case manager, service provider and administrators of the Wyoming Community Service Providers Association, Wyoming Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities, and Wyoming Protection & Advocacy System, Inc.

Participant Survey Results - Community Concerns about Proposed Budget Reductions Impacting Developmental Disability Waivers


On April 1, 2021 Governor Mark Gordon signed the State of Wyoming 66th Legislature's proposed supplemental budget into law.  Enrolled Act 45 can be found at

Enrolled Act 45 temporarily reinstates several budget reductions that were proposed in Governor Gordon's budget.  Page 29 of the bill (Section 048, 12(a)(iii)) restores $6,076,469.00 in state general funds, and the corresponding $6,076,469.00 in federal funds for Comprehensive and Supports Waiver (DD Waiver) services. This restoration of funds results in the following actions for State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2022.

  • There will not be an additional 2.5% reduction to DD Waiver provider reimbursement rates.

  • There will not be a freeze on Extraordinary Care Committee (ECC) reviews; however, ECC requests must continue to meet the standards established in rule.

  • There will not be a freeze on the Support Waiver waitlist.  Individuals will be eligible for funding, as it becomes available, on a first come, first served basis.

  • Current individual budget amounts (IBAs) will not be adjusted on July 1, 2021; however, IBAs for new Comprehensive Waiver participants, ECC requests, and level of assessed need for existing waiver participants will be calculated using the established methodology.

  • DD Waiver services will not be eliminated.  The following services will continue to be available to participants through SFY 2022.

    • Dietician
    • Homemaker
    • Occupational therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Skilled nursing
    • Speech, hearing, and language

It is important to note that these budget restorations are temporary.  The Wyoming Legislature will convene its 2022 Budget Session next February, and will continue to weigh Wyoming's revenue and expenditures in order to pass a balanced budget.  


Contact Your Legislator


Contact Governor Gordon

Gov. Mark Gordon
State Capitol
200 W. 24th Street
Cheyenne, WY  82002
(307) 777-3909

Governor Gordon's Constituents Services Representative:

Darlena Potter (


Additional Resources

Family Forum Questions and Answers (PDF)

WY Governor’s Council – Advocacy Presentation

Medicaid Services for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities – Evolution of Addressing Service Needs and Preferences - Plain Language Report on Medicaid Services written by and for people with developmental disabilities



Contact Information for Panelists

  • Shannon Buller, Executive Director, Wyoming Governor's Council for Developmental Disabilities

  • Jeff Gardner, Executive Director, Wyoming Community Service Providers

  • Buck Gwyn, Legal Director, Wyoming Protection and Advocacy System, Inc.

  • Sandy Hubert, Parent & WIND Consumer Advisory Council Coordinator

  • Brenda Oswald, President, Alliance for Self-Determination

  • Sandy Root-Elledge, Executive Director, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities

  • Bob Sell, President & CEO, Ark Regional Services Laramie

  • Jeanne Thobro, Chief Executive Officer, Wyoming Protection and Advocacy System, Inc.


Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Network

The Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Network consists of three Wyoming partner agencies working together to address the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities.


Wyoming Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities

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