WWAMI Student Health Insurance Information



The University of Wyoming (UWYO) Student Medical Insurance program is designed to be an annual policy. Coverage dates are tied to the University of Wyoming academic calendar. 


The 2023-24 policy offers coverage beginning August 24, 2024. 

Eligibility: Students must be enrolled medical students through the WWAMI Medical Education Program in order to be eligible. Students must actively attend classes/clerkships for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased.


**NOTE FOR E23 STUDENTSTHE RATE FOR SUMMER 2023 is $208.00 (Deadline for enrollment- July 12, 2022 and deadline for payment- August 15, 2022).



Enrollment Procedures:

MS1 Students:
When you register for courses each semester at the University of Wyoming (remember you are dually enrolled through Foundations phase), you are given the option to purchase Student Medical Insurance coverage.  If you want coverage, you will be billed per semester:


  • Fall (coverage 8/24/23-1/14/24)  $1,485.00

  • Spring/Summer (1/15/24-8/14/24) $1,485.00

If you have already registered for courses and did not indicate that you wanted medical insurance coverage, you need to change your selection in WYOWEB.  Please see instructions attached.  If you have any problems figuring out how to change your selection, please email or call Liz Dade (contact info below).  You are not required to complete the attached Enrollment form!


MS2s, MS3s, and MS4s:
The University of Wyoming’s Risk Management office has created electronic enrollment forms. After you electronically submit  the completed Enrollment Form (see attached), you will be sent a Touch net link so that you can pay for your coverage electronically.  As in the past, the premium will be due in full.
Premiums:  All premiums must be paid in full at the time of enrollment in the student medical insurance.







August 24, 2023-August 14, 2024






  • For annual coverage from 8/24/23 to 8/14/24:Due Date is 8/24/23
    • Premium due: $ 2,970.00
    • On the 2023-24 enrollment form select “Annual Coverage.” Please enter your W# as your Student ID.
Please review the enrollment form and verify the first page has all fields completed. UHCSR needs all of the information for enrollment and tax purposes. 

Submitting Form
Please send your completed form to stuins@uwyo.edu
Second, Third and Fourth year students are only eligible to enroll at the beginning of fall classes.  Exceptions can be made only when a student has a Qualifying Event (e.g. loss of coverage under parent plan due to the student reaching age of 26, marriage, divorce, etc.). Proof of qualifying event must accompany Enrollment Form and premium payment. All documentation must be received by the Wyoming WWAMI program office 10 days before the date coverage is to begin. Students have 31 days after the qualifying event to apply for a University of Wyoming Student Medical Insurance policy. 
This is an annual policy and is NOT automatically renewed each year.  Students must complete a new Enrollment Form at the beginning of each academic year.
          Questions about the University of Wyoming student medical insurance should be directed to:
             Liz McDade Student Insurance Specialist
           University of Wyoming
If you have questions about the enrollment procedures please contact:
Natalia Brown
WWAMI Business Manager


Policy Brochure 1- Summary

Policy Brochure 2- Certificate of coverage




Enrollment form- fillable