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Our Giving Day Campaign



The page is Live! For electronic donations click the following link GIVE TO WWAMI  

If you are mailing a check:Gifts going toward UW Giving Day need to be given on that day, so please date the check on that day. However, we give a few days leeway after UW Giving Day for checks to be received. Also please mention on the comment that your gift is to support WWAMI Medical Education. Make check payable to the UW Foundation and mail to:

University of Wyoming Foundation
Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center
222 South 22nd Street
Laramie, WY 82070

Whatever method you choose, your support will make an enormous difference in the success of UW Giving Day.


We have a goal of raising $5,000 to assist medical students with the 3 Ts:

  • Advanced clinical TECHNOLOGIES
  • TRAINING in life-saving skills
  • Associated TRAVEL

Technologies would include point-of-care ultrasound or laparoscopy simulators. For certification in the proper use of ultrasound, students must travel to clinics at their own expense. Students would also like additional training in life-saving skills, such as advanced cardiovascular life support (ACLS), which is not included as part of their standard curriculum.


Every dollar donated will go directly to students, through purchasing technologies or funding students’ training or  travel expenses. This will enhance their preparation for clinical clerkships, residencies, and future practice in Wyoming.

Donations of any size are welcome! Your funds can be used in several ways:

  • $300 supports 1 student’s ACLS training
  • $750 covers a week-long ultrasound training in Wyoming
  • $1,000 purchases 1 laparoscopy simulator and its associated suture kit, to be used in the anatomy lab

Thank you for your support of Wyoming’s Medical School!

WHY should I give?

Do something that matters. Every year, thousands of passionate University of Wyoming supporters come together for 24 hours to change the lives of students, to support remarkable educators and researchers, and to give back to the programs that make a difference to Wyoming and the world. Your donation to Wyoming's Medical School on Giving Day will provide funding towards the extra-curricular education and training of your future Wyoming Physicians!


HOW can I help WWAMI to have a successful campaign?

Spread the word! Let your UW friends, family, and fellow alumni know that you’ve made a gift and encourage them to give too. Share any WWAMI information you receive on social media.   

Questions about giving?

Contact the University of Wyoming Foundations. You can call toll-free (888) 831-7795, call (307) 766-6300 or email