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This page contains information about University of Wyoming Computer Science Education opportunities, including the CS Endorsement pathways and professional development!

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  • Registration / Sign up Status:
    • WySTACK ~80% full
    • WySLICE ~96% full
    • GenCyber ~80% full
  • WyCS

    The Hub for Computer Science Outreach in Wyoming

    A partnership between SEED in the College of Education and CEDAR in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. 

    SEED is directed by Dr. Andrea Burrows (Andrea.Burrows@uwyo.edu) and
    CEDAR is directed by Dr. Mike Borowczak (Mike.Borowczak@uwyo.edu)

    WyCS is a collaboration with support from the National Science Foundation, Wyoming Department of Education, Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board, National Security Agency, Microsoft, MilliporeSigma, Kraken, and the University of Wyoming. Any views and ideas expressed here are those of authors, and not necessarily those of any funding organization or agency.


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  • WySLICE Professional Development

    80 OPENINGS IN '22

    Learn what CS really is and how to embed concepts into your existing classes through a week-long PD near you! Week-long PD for elementary teachers and all librarians to bring CS into already established disciplines for an integrated approach to CS.

    Dates: July 11-July15 2022
    Participants - Open to K-8 Teachers and School/Public Librarians.

    More Details At www.uwyo.edu/WySLICE

    Sign up now open!



  • WySTACK Research Experience for Teachers 

    12 OPENINGS IN '22

    6 week paid (6K) & guided research activity in one of four UWYO labs with an opportunity to contribute new knowledge to STEM!

    Gain relevant authentic research experience to answer the question "when/who will ever use X" while learning about CS concepts that you can introduce into existing curriculum/materials to address Wyoming State CS Standards & Requirements

    Dates: June 13th - July 22 2022

    Participants:  Open to High School Teachers in Partner Wyoming School Districts

    More Details At www.uwyo.edu/WySTACK

    Sign up now open!



  • GenCyber Wyoming - Distributed Cowpokes


    A cybersecurity professional development for up to 10 teachers and a summer camp for 40-50 students. There is a focus on combining computer science concepts with the growing field of cybersecurity. More details about registration coming soon! Student and teacher participants receive microbits and access to other resources, while teacher participants also receive a stipend. 

    2022/2023 Events:

    Monthly Meetups: TBA

    Summer Teacher Event: June 27th-July1st, 2022 / Location: Virtual
    Student Camp: June 27th - July 1st (Virtual)
    Distributed Cybersecurity Camps: Oct 2022 / Location: Various

    Who can sign up? Any K-12 teacher! Teachers must recruit 2-3 local students to participate. 

    Sign up now open!



  • Code.org Professional Development


    Learn how to use an age-appropriate curriculum in a new or existing course.
    Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers

    Details for the 2022/2023 academic year:

    Fundamentals- One day PD for elementary teachers -
    Dates in Spring and Summer - contact us at WyCS@Uwyo.edu

    Discoveries- Week-long PD for middle & high school teachers (Level 1)
    Dates: June 20-24th 2022
    Location: TBA

    Principles- Week-long PD for middle & high school teachers (Level 2)
    Dates: June 20-24th 2022
    Location: TBA

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  • TACoS The Artful Craft of Science


    Week-long summer camp for elementary students and teachers with a dedicated computer science rotation. Funded again (by MilliporeSigma), TACoS will run in-person and virtually June 27th-July1st 2022!


    Sign up now open!


    Find last year's full playlist here. Interested in receiving some of these materials to explore? Reach out to Andrea and/or Mike (see contact information at the top of the page). 

  • Kraken Computer Science Camp

    Open to upper middle school students!

    June 13-16th 2022

    Explore and Manipulate Cryptocurrency Using a Custom Blockchain!
    Become part of the first annual Kraken Camp to be held June 13-16th, 2022, from 1-5pm on the UW campus. Middle school students interested in learning more about how blockchain and cryptocurrency work have an opportunity to explore these topics in a fun, interactive, hands-on camp. Laptops/Computers will be provided for use during camp. The camp will be limited to 20 participants. To apply to be selected for the camp, please sign up below!

    Sign up now open!


    Kraken News Release

UWyo CS Education Undergraduate Certificate 

In November 2019 the Uwyo Board of Trustees approved a computer science education certificate.

There are two pathways towards receiving the certificate - the first Basic/Intermediate pathway requires 15 credit-hours while the second Intermediate/Advanced pathway requires 16 credit-hours.

Note that neither of these pathways results in a CS minor without additional CS coursework.

Two Pathways for CS Endorsement at the University of Wyoming:

Endorsement Pathways
Basic/Intermediate Intermediate/Advanced
COSC 1010 (4) Intro to CS
COSC 1030 (4) CS I
COSC 2030 (4) CS II
or Approved Alternate Course
COSC 2030 (4) CS II
COSC 3050 (1) Ethics
EDSE 4280 (2) CS Methods COSC 2150 (3) Computer Organization
15 hours 16 hours

In addition to the existing UWyo CS Endorsement, UWYO, WDE, and PTSB are actively creating micro-credentials that will ultimately result in a PTSB pathway for CS endorsement within the state. 


UWyo Professional Development Opportunities

For optional PTSB Credit or Graduate Credit (not towards a degree program)

Note, if choosing a PD credit option course, as stated on all syllabi:

Professional Development class credit is not transferable to a UW degree program.
Outreach School website: https://www.uwyo.edu/outreach/