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Wyoming Wetlands

Wyoming Wetlands over a river and grass

Wyoming is host to a wide variety of freshwater wetland ecosystems, including emergent marshes, wet meadows, playas, riparian forests, and fens. These wetlands exist at the interface, or ecotone, of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems that create uniquely diverse and productive habitats in an otherwise semi-arid landscape. While only occupying approximately 1.5% of the total land area of Wyoming, wetlands support a disproportionately high number of plant and wildlife species and provide a suite of ecosystem services including flood attenuation, stream flow maintenance, aquifer recharge, sediment retention, water quality improvement, and the production of food, goods, and recreational area for human use.*

*Excerpted from Tibbets, T., Washkoviak, L., & Tronstad, L. 2020. Wetland Monitoring and Assessment in Wyoming: Addressing the Challenges of Wetlands in Highly-Managed Basins. Wyoming Natural Diversity Database. https://www.uwyo.edu/wyndd/_files/docs/reports/WYNDDReports/20tib01.pdf

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Detailed Descriptions of Wetland Types in Wyoming

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