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Our Core Data & Information Products


Our Core Data & Information Products

In addition to generating critical new project-based data each year, our staff biologists and data management specialists consolidate existing data from diverse sources into a variety of data products:

Our Data Sources

A major advantage provided to Wyoming by WYNDD is the centralization of Wyoming-specific information from disparate sources into one complete and easily accessible database. WYNDD collects data on the distribution and biology of vegetation, plants, and animals in Wyoming from a wide variety of reliable sources. These include herbaria, museum collections, resource management agencies published and unpublished reports, consultant datasets and reports, and observations by agency and academic biologists as well as knowledgeable individuals.

Most of WYNDD's records of locations of rare species and vegetation communities come from other biologists working in the field, and typically reside in various publicly accessible sources. These are supplemented by records from field surveys and inventories performed by WYNDD staff that specifically address questions of distribution, abundance, and status of high-priority species.

The following is a list of representative sources of WYNDD data:


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