Transfer Credit for Associate Degrees

UW has articulation agreements in place that give credit for our lower division general education (University Studies Program - USP) requirements to Associate of Arts of Science graduates of the following institutions:

  • all Wyoming community colleges
  • all regionally accredited Colorado community colleges
  • Western Nebraska Community College
  • Mid-Plains Community College (Nebraska)
  • Colby Community College (Kansas)

Credit for the second qualitative reasoning course will be given if completed as part of the Associates' program. Additionally, graduates of non-Wyoming institutions must also complete a course/challenge exam over Wyoming government and constitution. The "core" applies only to university-level general education requirements. If a student's college or major requirements includes a specific course(s) that might have been waived from USP requirements by virtue of earning the "core", the student will likely still need to take that/those course(s). To earn the core, the effective date of the degree must be May 2001 or later for graduates of Wyoming schools, December 2008 or later for Pikes Peak Community College, and May 2012 or later for all other schools referenced above. Applied associates degrees and specialized degrees (Associates of Fine Arts, for example) which have substantially fewer general education requirements are not eligible to earn the core.