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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Department of Chemistry


Guidelines for NMR Users for 300, 400, 600 MHz spectrometers

Health and Safety

Due to the dangers presented by the NMR magnets and the danger of helium asphyxiation, there are mandatory training requirements (see here for details).

Thus, anybody who wants to do work in the NMR lab PS 13 need to be trained appropriately. This should be done by the NMR manager. Unauthorized persons need to be supervised at all times by a trained individual who need to instruct them about the dangers. Supervisors assume responsibility for encouraging untrained individuals to circumvent these mandatory requirements.


General Rules

  • Users of the NMR spectrometers must have a current account on the university computer system.
  • Each user of the NMR spectrometers must have their own account and be trained by Dr. Alexander Goroncy. If you are using an NMR and do not have an account, see Dr. Alexander Goroncy to get one. In particular, it is expected that users are familiar with basic experiment setup and basic spectrometer operation.
  • It is the USERS RESPONSIBILITY to report problems with the equipment in a timely manner. Problems with the equipment can only be solved if they are reported. Solving a problem that happened yesterday can also be difficult.
  • Users are NOT authorized to reboot the equipment. If you think that your problem is bad enough to require restarting the equipment, you need to do the following: (1) Enter a brief statement of the problem in the logbook. (2) Contact either Dr. Alexander Goroncy or another person authorized to help you with the problem. We are sorry if this is an inconvenience for you, however, please see the policy regarding user responsibility (previous).

Guidelines for NMR Users for 60 MHz spectrometers

Users must be trained and familiar with operation of these spectrometers. Please minimize temperature fluctuation of the magnets as the magnetic field strength is sensitive to it due to their construction, So, do not let the sun shine on them or move them around. The magnetic's themselves are unlikely to cause interference with magnetic objects unless they are placed inside the magnets.

Payments and Promotion

As considerable resources are needed to run this facility, it is expected that every user contributes to the facility and promotes the facility as much as possible. A fee system has been implemented, that is competitive within this geographic area. Pay the fees 

Furthermore, it is appreciated if the users mention the facility in print and in other forms of publications (seminars, talks).


Bruker Avance III 300 MHz

This instrument has capabilities for solution-state, solid-state, rheo, diffusion, and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). As the instrument configuration frequently changes due to this, please contact Dr. Alexander Goroncy before using this instrument.

Bruker Avance III 400 MHz

This main workhorse NMR instrument is mainly used for solution-state NMR. Please sign up whenever you wish to use this instrument and be considerate to others and do not book longer than necessary. A simple proton NMR spectrum can be acquired within 10 minutes. Sign up for time on the 400 MHz instrument at

Bruker Avance III 600 MHz

This instrument has solution-state and solid-state capabilities. Due to its higher resolution and superior signal to noise as compared to the other instruments, it can be used if sample quantity is an issue, for macromolecules, or for the NMR acquisition of NMR insensitive nuclei. To reserve time, please contact Alexander Goroncy.

Please note some time is reserved for routine maintenance.

Unscheduled time defaults to first come first served.

Please run experiments that require a long time (e.g., carbon) over night or over the weekend, and reserve as soon as possible.


File Storage

Users are responsible for archiving any data that is important to them, Users may store their data on the disk for 30 days. Any data older than 30 days is subject to deletion.


Graduate students, faculty, and postdoctoral associates in the Chemistry Department and appropriate staff may be trained as independent operators of the NMR. New and continuing users should see Dr. Alexander Goroncy for training.


The status of the instruments will be posted in the NMR room (PS 13). It is the operator’s responsibility to keep up to date on any news regarding the instruments.

Use Common Sense

Be considerate. There are a lot of users on these instruments. If there are any questions, problems, suggestions, or complaints, please feel free to discuss them with Dr. Alexander Goroncy.

Dr. Alexander Goroncy
NMR Facility Manager
Research Scientist
Hazardous Materials Shipment Coordinator
Department of Chemistry
University of Wyoming
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071-2000
(307) 766-2093 (office; PS 425)
(307) 766-6364 (lab; PS 13 )
(307) 766-2807 (Fax)
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