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Non-Freshman Admission to Nursing Major: Spring 2022

Basic BSN non-freshman admission application and requirements are reviewed annually. Information/application materials identified are for the upcoming spring 2022 application only. Monitor website annually in late summer/early fall for updates related to the following spring admission.

Non-Freshman Admission Statement

The Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing (FWWSON) Basic BSN Program uses a holistic approach to non-freshman admissions. We are committed to academic and clinical rigor. We desire individuals with diverse backgrounds who are enthusiastic and have a strong work ethic. We value applicants who possess strong communication, critical thinking, and evolving leadership skills. We are looking for individuals who demonstrate respectful, professional, ethical, and caring behavior. Individuals with these qualities will be the best fit for our program.



  • Application deadline is October 21, 2021
    [Application submission closes at 11:59 pm – Mountain Time Zone (MDT). Late Application Packets are not accepted. Hard copies are not accepted.] 

  • Application to the School of Nursing occurs in the fall semester in which completing final pre-clinical courses (typically sophomore year) prior to the spring in which seeking Non-Freshman Admission potential.

  • Applications are now open. Email for link to the Non-Freshmen Admissions Application - Spring 2022.


The following are requirements for non-freshman admission to the Clinical Component for Basic BSN:

University of Wyoming Admission

Prospective Non-Freshman Admission applicants who are not current/active UW students will also need to apply separately to the university seeking admission for spring 2022. As part of the university application, applicants select Nursing – Pre-Basic BSN (Laramie Campus) (PNRS) as their major. Application/admission criteria are located on the UW Admissions website, (

Acceptance to the University of Wyoming does not imply acceptance to Basic BSN. Admission to the University of Wyoming (UW) is required by November 30, 2021 if seeking Non-Freshman Admission to the Nursing Major for spring 2022. 

Official Transcripts

UW must be in receipt of official transcripts from all other colleges/universities attended through the end of the summer semester prior to the fall in which applying so that the FWWSON has access to those by the Non-Freshman Admission application deadline. This includes transcripts for coursework that may have only included unsatisfactory grades and/or course withdrawals. In addition, official scores must also be on record with the university documenting any exam/test scores [e.g. Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), and Math placement (ACT, SAT, MPE)]. Furthermore, applicants held to the English Language Proficiency Policy for nursing admission are required to have TOEFL scores on record with the university documenting acceptable scores as noted within that policy (refer to policy below).

Send official transcripts and exam/test scores to UW Admissions Office. Applicants should verify that complete transcripts and exam/test scores are on file with the university prior to the application deadline. The FWWSON has access to UW transcripts. 

Final Admission Review in January

  • The deadline for submission of final UW fall grades is December 23, 2021. The FWWSON has access to UW transcripts.

  • For applicants taking courses through another institution during the fall semester:

    • UW must be in receipt of official final transcripts reflecting grades for the fall semester so that the FWWSON has access to those by January 4, 2022.

    • Applicants unable to meet the January 4 deadline, please contact Basic BSN staff ( to discuss potential options.

  • The FWWSON must be able to access all UW, as well as any transfer fall grades by January 4, 2022 for the final admission review process.

Pre-Clinical Courses and Non-Freshman Admission Scholastic Requirements

Non-Freshman Admission is a competitive process, and the number of unfilled seats may be very limited. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee non-freshman admission to the nursing major.

  • Completion of pre-clinical courses is required by the end of the fall semester prior to the spring in which seeking admission.

  • Students must earn a grade of C or better (or S) in all pre-clinical courses (except for CHEM 1000, which requires a grade of B or better) for non-freshman admission consideration.

  • In addition, a minimum cumulative pre-clinical GPA of 2.75 based on all required courses in the Pre-Clinical Component is required for non-freshman admission consideration.

  • No single course in the Pre-Clinical Component may be repeated more than once.

  • A total of three courses in the Pre-Clinical Component may be repeated.

English Language Proficiency Policy

Refer to 'English Language Proficiency Policy' for admission requirements related to non-native English-speaking students.

A Complete Application Packet

A complete application packet means that all required materials are complete and submitted by the applicant and/or are accessible for verification as noted by the FWWSON no later than the Non-Freshman Admission application deadline unless specified otherwise

*Requirements for non-freshman admission are subject to change.


The following are the criteria used in the application review*:

  • Pre-Clinical GPA

  • Essay Components

  • UW Residency Status (as defined by UW)

* Criteria for non-freshman admission are subject to change.

Application Packet


Applicants are required to meet the specified Admission Requirements, which include a complete application packet. Any missing and/or incomplete data may jeopardize the application and potentially be the cause for admission denial.

Applications are open. Email Kirsten Holles at for the Non-Freshman application link. 



The Basic BSN Non-Freshman Admission Application Packet for Spring 2022 will be submitted fully online utilizing Qualtrics with your application materials being received by the FWWSON Basic BSN Staff through that online submission.



  • Access the application packet (Qualtrics) linked below (in the last bullet of this section) to enter your responses, upload documents/files, and submit online once completed.

    • Should you need to exit the application prior to submission, it should save your responses.

    • You should be able to continue where you left off as long as you are using the same browser.

  • Adhere to all information/directions so as not to jeopardize your application

  • Applications are open. Email Kirsten Holles at for the Basic BSN Non-Freshman Admission Application - Spring 2022 (Qualtrics) link

*Requirements for non-freshman admission application packet are subject to change.

Admission Procedures and Notification Process

Non-Freshman Admission
Procedures & Notification Process

  • In order to be eligible for potential admission consideration, the Application Packet must be complete and meet specified Admission Requirements by identified deadlines.

  • Admission decisions and notification of placements occurs by around mid-January.


Non-Freshman Admission
Means of Notification

All application and admission contacts/notifications made through UW email (non-UW email for applicants not currently enrolled at UW). No hardcopy mailings sent to applicants regarding admission status.

  • Closely monitor email in January for any non-freshman admission related contacts.

  • Some contacts have response deadlines.

Please contact Basic BSN staff ( if email not received by timeline identified above.

Background Check

The College of Health Sciences requires students offered non-freshman admission into the Clinical Component for Basic BSN to obtain and pay for a background check. The FWWSON alerts students through admission letters regarding when and where to obtain the background check; students should not begin process until asked to do so by the School of Nursing. If students complete the background check prior to receiving a School of Nursing admission letter instructing them to do so, the students must repeat the process. The results of the background check may determine final admittance to our program.

Technical Standards for Admission

Students offered non-freshman admission into the Clinical Component for Basic BSN are required to attest to the FWWSON Technical Standards for Admission. The FWWSON alerts students through admission letters regarding when and where to obtain the required verification form.

Refer to Technical Standards for Admission [] for this policy.




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