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Award-winning Documentaries Available for Purchase

To order any of these programs on DVD or VHS, send check/money order/purchase order to:

University of Wyoming
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1000 E. University Ave., Dept. 3106
Laramie, WY 82071

Be sure to specify program title.

Earthquakes in Wyoming logoEarthquakes in Wyoming

Yes, they really do occur in the Cowboy state.

Running time: 60 minutes.
DVD Copy: $19.95 + 6% tax + $3.00 S/H.
Believe it or not, the potential for earthquakes in Wyoming are great. Wyoming has had its share of killer earthquakes. In 1959, a quake rattled an area near Yellowstone National Park, killing 28 people. During this quake, rescue efforts were hampered because the earth was shook so hard and fast, that there was little time to help people who eventually perished from the massive landslides. The award winning, "Earthquakes in Wyoming" examines the potential for more earthquakes in the Cowboy state, and explains what regions are considered a serious hazard. This hour-long program also looks at the source of earthquake activity. Although earthquakes have occurred mainly in the western third of Wyoming, every county has experienced quakes dating back to the 1800's. In addition, other dangers associated with earthquakes are examined in this program, such as landslides and water hazards. Wyoming's vast mountainous areas are especially susceptible to landslides, which are inherently dangerous. The many lakes and reservoirs in the Cowboy state are also a concern for experts. Vulnerable structures, such as Jackson Lake Dam are located in or near high hazard areas. For home owners, this video will show how simple improvements can be made, to make homes more disaster resistant. "Earthquakes in Wyoming" was produced in cooperation with the Wyoming State Geological Survey through a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Wyoming Emergency Management Agency.


Laramie Tonight LogoLaramie Tonight

This student-produced documentary won a regional Emmy award.

Running Time: 30 minutes
DVD Copy: $15.00 + 6% tax + $3.00 S/H.
Matthew Shepard's murder made worldwide headlines in the fall of 1998. National and international media descended upon Laramie like never before. The media told their stories and represented Laramie as they saw it. Was Laramie misrepresented at all? How did this "media feeding frenzy" affect Laramie and its citizens? Find out by watching this award winning program. This edition of Laramie Tonight looks at the intense media coverage surrounding the murder and the impact of that media coverage on the community of Laramie, Wyo.


Black 14 Logo

The Black 14

Not just a football story--this documentary explores one of the most notorious civil rights events in Wyoming history.

Running Time: 54 minutes
DVD Copy: $24.95 + 6% + $3.00 S/H.
On October 18, 1969, 14 African-American football players were kicked off the University of Wyoming football team. It was the night before a critical game against the traditional rival BYU, a game that could cost Wyoming its national ranking. But a simple black armband stood in the way of these 14 players, keeping them from playing in the game of their lives. On the evening before the game, the 14 players attempted to explain to the coach their reasons for wearing black armbands. It was their way of protesting against what they considered to be the racist policy of the Mormon church. In 1969, the church did not allow African-Americans to become priests. Although it was a simple, silent protest, the coach refused their request to wear the armbands. The end result, those 14 players were kicked off the team. The coach's decision led to a unique U.S. Constitutional issue-whether or not wearing a black armband over the UW uniform violated the separation of church and state. The court case focused on freedom of speech verses freedom of religion, both protected under the First Amendment. "The Black 14," a one-hour documentary, explores the personal reflections of those involved, the constitutional and legal decisions in question, and the impact this event had on UW athletics, African-Americans, and the Mormon church. In fall 1993, University of Wyoming celebrated its centennial football season. Several of the 14 black players returned to campus to recount the events that occurred on that day in 1969. Over thirty interviews were conducted to tell a story of a football program that collided with freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the civil rights of African-Americans. Melinda Bobo narrates this historical documentary that seeks to understand the reasons for, and impact of, one of the most notorious civil rights events in the history of Wyoming. Executive Producer Mike McElreath, Producers Mike McElreath and Dr. Niyi Coker Jr. Written by Mike McElreath, Tony Pedersen and Steve Costin Edited by Tony Pedersen, Steve Costin and Steve Jackson.


Canis Lupus ReturnsCanis Lupus Returns

This award-winning documentary looks at the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park.

Running Time: 58 minutes
DVD Copy: $24.95 + 6% tax + $3.00 S/H.
"Canis Lupus Returns," an award-winning, one-hour documentary produced in 1995, by University of Wyoming Television, examines the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's wolf recovery plan for Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho's River of No Return Wilderness Area. This documentary shows the public how the plan is implemented. From the capture in Canada, to the release in the recovery areas, to monitoring and enforcement activities by the government officials. In January 1995, the first four wolves were released at Corn Creek Campground on the Salmon River in central Idaho. Writer, Director, and Executive Producer - Mike McElreath, Editor - Steve Costin, Associate Producer - Terry Moss, Narrator - Jim Morgan.



Black Pioneers PictureBlack Pioneers: True Faces of the West

The story of black pioneers in the West.

Running Time: 40 min (2 programs)
DVD Copy: $24.95 + 6% tax + $3.00 S/H.
This documentary focuses upon African American pioneers who in the past four hundred years became explorers, guides, cowhands, teachers, and professionals as they moved into remote areas west of the Mississippi River. Most of their stories have eluded the pages of history books, however, this two-part documentary helps set the record straight. These two programs tell just some stories of those thousands of men, women, and children who worked alongside their white, Asian, Native American, and Hispanic/Latino contemporaries to form what we now call "The West." Executive Producer - Mike McElreath, Writer/Co-Producer - Dr. Jack Ravage, Director/Co-Producer - Tony Pedersen.


Wyoming Economy PictureA Vision for a New Wyoming Economy

While the rest of the country is experiencing a growing economy, Wyoming's economy remains stagnant. This in-depth program shows Wyoming's past and present economic state.

Running Time: 1 hour 24 minutes
DVD Copy: $24.95 + 6% tax + $3.00 S/H.
Produced in 1999, "A Vision for a New Wyoming Economy," is a 90-minute public affairs documentary produced by University of Wyoming Television (UWTV) and examines Wyoming's lagging economy. The U.S. economy is in its 8th year of robust economic growth, nearing a peacetime record. While other western regional states have reaped the benefits of a growing economy, Wyoming has endured slow growth and continual government budget shortfalls. This program gives a historical perspective of Wyoming's economy, how it emerged as a mining and energy economy, enjoying great booms and enduring costly busts. But now something has changed and Wyoming faces one of the most important public policy issues of its time. How can Wyoming get out of its slump and share in a healthy and growing national economy? This in-depth program explores the repercussions of the 1986 oil production bust, which resulted in lower tax revenues. As oil prices declined, so did tax revenues. It was just the beginning of an unstable and unpredictable economy. The impact was felt statewide. Also affected were state government programs in education, health and welfare, public safety, and many other areas. Raises for state and public employees were minimal. Public service programs were cut back and needed maintenance repairs were simply deferred. Meanwhile, the private sector, retailers, wholesalers, ranches and farmers, construction projects, all would feel the impact of a slow and stagnant state economy. This documentary illustrates the connection between economic development, public services, tax systems, economic growth, and choices of lifestyles. Program participants speak about Wyoming's future economic possibilities. Will Wyoming plan and develop a new economy? It is a question many people think about. This program is produced and directed by Mike McElreath, edited by Tony Pedersen, and reported by Wyoming Public Radio's News Director, Bob Beck. Associate Producer Mike McElreath, written by Marci Miller.


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