Wyoming 4-H and You!

What do 4-H Members do?

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4-H Projects

Wyoming 4-H members may choose from 45 different projects, or they may develop their own projects with the help of an adult volunteer leader. Projects are grouped into the areas of animal science, handicrafts, home economics, natural resources, and general, as well as technology.

4-H projects are built around three important principles: 1) Subject matter knowledge and skills, 2) Self-development , and 3) social interaction among people of different backgrounds, experiences, and ages.

Projects are real-life experiences that help members take responsibility for their own actions. Members develop good work habits and learn to work with others, sharing ideas and helping each other. Most project work is done in or near the home so the family can work and be together.

4-H Activities

4-H is fun! Members not only belong to clubs, but may also participate in activities such as fairs, contests, camps, tours, participation days, exchanges, and statewide events. These activities are designed to supplement club and project experiences. They offer opportunities to learn and practice skills beyond the opportunities available in the local club. Activities also provide a means for members to meet 4-H'ers from other clubs, communities, counties, and states.

Ivan L. Hobson is credited with starting the first 4-H clubs in Wyoming in 1913. Four kinds of clubs were promoted- crop production, potato, poultry, and garden and canning. Sheridan County hired the first full-time Boys' and Girls' Club agent in 1917. By 1919, state enrollment in youth clubs had increased to 1,562 members in 96 clubs.

The Wyoming 4-H program now reaches one in four youth ages 8-19 in the state.

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