Foods and Nutrition

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If you enjoy cooking or just like good food, this project could be for you. You will have fun learning the basics of cooking and then advance to gourmet meals. This project focuses not only on food and cooking but also nutrition and using MyPlate to guide eating and meal preparation and planning.

Here's What You Can Learn . . . .

  • Learn how MyPlate can help guide your eating choices
  • Understand how to keep your food safe
  • Know basic kitchen safety
  • Gain tips to help your family find time to share meals
  • Learn measuring basics
  • Understand how to follow a recipe
  • Develop basic cooking “how to” skills
  • Use your skills to make simple recipes

Online Resources and Websites

Online Resources
  • Shop 4-H Curriculum
    • 4-h Cooking 101 (01512Y)
    • 4-H Cooking 201 (01513Y)
    • 4-H Cooking 301 (01514Y)
    • 4-H Cooking 401 (01515Y)
    • 4-H Cooking Helper's Guide (01516F)
    • Freezing Project Manual (PNW650)
    • Drying Project Manual (PNW651)
    • Boiling Water Canning Project Manual (PNW652)
    • Pressure Canning Project Manual (PNW653)



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