Program Areas in the Hydrogen Energy Research Center


The Hydrogen Energy Research Center (H2ERC) is collaborating on multiple industry-led projects to utilize Wyoming’s existing resources and transform them into potential feedstock for clean hydrogen including coal, natural gas, wind, solar and uranium. 

By leading critical research and development that addresses barriers and supports those emerging technologies that are most commercially ready for all forms of clean hydrogen, H2ERC is helping to advance hydrogen production through methods including low-cost coal via gasification, natural gas resources via methane reforming, high-capacity wind energy via electrolysis, potential for solar, nuclear, and more.

Forming partnerships to advance regional technology developmnent


 Current Projects


Led by Tallgrass MLP, this Department of Energy (DOE) funded project - nicknamed Blue Bison - is an 18 month FEED study of developing blue hydrogen at existing gas facilities in Douglas, Wyo. by incorporating an autothermal stream reforming (ATR) plant. SER is providing a site-specific carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) feasibility assessment, is developing economic models, and assisting with project management.



SER is assisting The Williams Companies, Inc. with a feasibility study to evaluate water access and compatibility as well as asset integrity in support of green hydrogen production and transport in the vicinity of Wamsutter and Opal, Wyoming. 


This DOE funded study will assess the economic impacts of fossil energy production in Wyoming and evaluate opportunities and research needs to deploy clean hydrogen technologies. In collaboration with the broader Wyoming Hydrogen Initiative led by the Wyoming Energy Authority, one of the principal objectives of the SER-led study will be to identify and quantify the relative competitive advantages of Wyoming in an emerging low-carbon hydrogen economy.