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Annual Reviews

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Faculty Annual Review Acknowledgement Forms

  • Supervisor/Unit Head
    Faculty - to acknowledge your Unit Head/Supervisor's comments, updated 11/22/23
  • Dean/Director/VP
    Faculty - to acknowledge your Dean/Director/VP's comments, updated 11/22/23

Frequently Asked Questions for Annual Reviews

The administrative head/supervisor and faculty member meet no later than March 1, if possible, to discuss the written evaluation, assignments, and expectations for the next annual review, including any adjustments to the job description that may be needed for the following academic or fiscal year. DEANS MUST MOVE CASE FORWARD TO ACADEMIC AFFAIRS NO LATER THAN END OF DAY ON MARCH 17, 2024. Check with your Deans Office for college deadlines.


For further details see the Guidelines and Instructions for Annual Performance Evaluation document found here 

Tenure track and non-tenure track faculty with an appointment that leads to a fixed-term rolling contract may substitute first year reviews, mid-probationary reviews, tenure reviews, promotion reviews, or the reviews for a fixed-term rolling contract for the annual review, providing the evaluation of annual performance can be disaggregated from the comprehensive review.
For the 2023 review, faculty who went through the RTP review will have a case built for them in WyoFolio where they will enter their goals and supervisors will be able to give feedback on those goals. For 2024 reviews, a section for goals will be added to the RTP documentation. Academic Affairs recommends you work with the faculty to discuss goals for 2024 and workload distribution.
Only faculty who are benefited, regardless of FTE, and should not be reviewed in WyoFolio.
Yes, work with your college WyoFolio/WyoFolio liaison to add that step to the review case.

At minimum, materials must include an up-to-date vita, loaded from WyoVita, and a written statement that summarizes and provides self-reflection on performance in each of the areas outlined in the job description. Colleges and academic units may have additional requirements.

Faculty can upload any additional documents required by the supervisor or unit under “Other Documents” in the Candidate Packet section.

Faculty should address their goals and how they met them and/or accomplishments they made toward those goals. A supervisor and faculty member should work together to determine if those goals are still applicable for the next year.

Yes, supervisors need to meet with faculty members to discuss the annual evaluation and workload distribution. These meetings can be held virtually, over the phone, or in person, if proper social distancing can be maintained. The performance evaluation at the unit level will not be considered final until the meeting has occurred and been documented in WyoFolio. If the faculty member is tenure- or fixed-term -eligible, this meeting should also include a discussion of the faculty member's progress toward tenure, fixed-term and/or promotion.

It is up to the supervisor to determine how long the meetings should be. This will be based on each faculty’s evaluation and workload discussion.

As soon as possible after the annual review meeting, the final evaluation will be shared with the faculty member via WyoFolio. The faculty member provides comments as desired, acknowledges having seen the final written evaluation, and responds via WyoFolio within 72 business hours of the meeting described in step 3 above. The final written evaluation will become a part of the faculty member's academic unit records.

When the faculty member receives the notification, the email will come from the email address of the person who shared the documents in WyoFolio (e.g., Dept. Head).

After the supervisor has shared the document and enabled a response, the faculty member will log into WyoFolio. The faculty member see an action item indicating that a file has been shared and an indication if a shared file is open for response. The faculty member will click their name to view the packet or click “Your Packets” in the left hand navigation and select the case. The next step is to open the “Shared Committee Files” tab of the case packet, then click “Send Response” to respond to the file. The faculty member will need to give the response a title and upload the document. The response will appear in the list of shared files.

There are three required forms for use during annual reviews:
• Faculty Annual review Acknowledgement (uploaded by Faculty)
• Unit Head Workload Distribution Acknowledgement (uploaded by Department Head/Supervisor)
• Faculty Workload Distribution Acknowledgment Acknowledgement (uploaded by Department Head/Supervisor)

Yes, UW Regulation 2-9 states “In accordance with University policies, review procedures shall be implemented annually to evaluate each faculty member's performance and responsibilities with respect to the workload outlined in the Job Description and to determine if adjustments should be made for the following year.”

Workload distribution should be discussed during the annual review meeting, along with the annual evaluation. Shortly after it is discussed, workload distributions, description of duties, and any workload adjustments should be entered in WyoVita by the supervisor or College Lead. All job description information and corresponding documents should be uploaded into WyoVita by May 17, 2024. Workload may be changed in WyoVita until the start of the academic year/fiscal year. After the year has begun a new record will need to be created in WyoVita. Please work with the college liaison if you are unsure how to complete this. Any time a workload distribution is changed the faculty and supervisor must upload a signed acknowledgment. All forms can be found on the annual review website.

No, faculty do not have access to modify or add to that section is WyoVita.

WyoVita and HCM are not connected. Workload will not be loaded into HCM. The workload distribution entered into WyoVita will auto populate the faculty member’s CV that is pulled into the annual evaluation in WyoFolio. The annual evaluation form will not be auto populated with the workload distribution.

Academic Affairs recognizes that job descriptions may change. However, you should complete the Job Description so that the workload distributions add up to 100 percent. It is possible to add more details later (e.g., specific class titles, expectations, etc.). If the job description changes after the beginning of the Fiscal/Academic year Unit Head/supervisors will need to add a new row in the faculty member’s WyoVita. If it changes before the start of the year the original row may be modified. It is important for Academic Affairs to have accurate and complete records of faculty job descriptions and workload. Every time there is a change the faculty member and supervisor must sign a new acknowledgement from and that must be loaded into WyoVita.

At the beginning of April, Academic Affairs will provide a comprehensive report to Deans/Directors of the Job Descriptions that are entered during the annual review process. We will ask Deans/Directors to review and approve the report in its entirety. They may work with the supervisor/unit head and faculty to make adjustments if needed. This comprehensive report/approval will replace the signature on the old paper form.

Yes, any adjustment codes should entered under “Reassigned Duties” in WyoVita.

All faculty will receive a notification from the Dean that the annual review has been completed and when the next review will occur. For non-tenured faculty, the notification letter will also include information about reappointment. Once the Provost and/or President approves the reviews, the Office of Academic Affairs will provide the notification letter template to Deans and Directors.

First, visit the Academic Affairs website. Most questions can be answered by either reviewing one of the trainings, looking at the FAQs, or using the quick reference guides. If you still have questions, contact the college WyoFolio/WyoVita liaison; this is usually a staff member in the Dean’s office. You may also contact If you are having technical difficulties, contact Interfolio Scholar Services at 1-877-997-8807 option 2.



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