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Policy and Process

Five Year Review for New Majors/Degrees

Note that the Provost’s Office initiates five-year reviews for new degree/majors.

New programs are initiated after a lengthy study of market conditions, faculty strengths, and curricular trends. To ensure that the program’s faculty can make appropriate adjustments to the program, it is essential that it circle back to the program’s goals and objectives and assess performance after the degree has been launched. Thus, a review of the new degree itself, separate from the department or program that offers it, is critical after data on it can be collected.

The department offering the program will be notified the semester before the review is due that it should prepare to collect, analyze, and share data with the Provost’s Office on:

  1. The number of students in the major by year, and the number of graduates.
  2. Current degree/major requirements, and an analysis of any courses or requirements that are:
    1. Routinely oversubscribed
    2. Routinely undersubscribed
    3. Have high D/F/W rates
  3. How does the mission of the degree programs fit with the home department/unit, the school/college, and the mission of the university?
  4. What are the approved learning goals, and how are they being assessed? How is the curriculum is being adjusted to reflect assessment results.
  5. Are there any substantial and structured collaborations with other programs, such as dual, double or joint degrees, and any 2+2 articulation agreements with Wyoming or other community colleges, and benefits of these arrangements.
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