In September 2016, the Board of Trustees voted to allow the university’s administration to review UW’s current regulatory structure, to update University Regulations, and to implement standard administrative policies and procedures. 

A review process that allowed for feedback from campus constituents (including Faculty Senate, Staff Senate & ASUW), Deans, Vice Presidents, the President, and the Board was established.

The Office of Academic Affairs created this website to provide the university community at large with regular updates on the review process for University Regulations pertaining to Academic Personnel.


UW Regulation Implementation


    1. UW 2-1 (formerly UW 5-1, Academic Personnel)
    2. UW 2-2  (formerly UW 5-35, Academic Personnel Dispute Resolution) (3/6/19 draft)
    3. UW 2-3  (formerly UW 5-173, Compensation for Academic Personnel and University Officers)
    4. UW 2-4  (formerly UW 5-408, Guidelines for Establishing Academic Professional)
    5. UW 2-5  (formerly UW 5-800, Teaching Evaluation System)
    6. UW 2-6  (formerly UW 5-801, Dismissal of Academic Personnel) (3/8/19 draft)
    7. UW 2-7  (formerly UW 5-803, Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion Procedures)
      1. SAPP - Implementing and Evaluating Rolling Contracts - draft (11/28/18)
    8. UW 2-8  (formerly UW 5-804, Academic Administration)
    9. UW 2-9  (formerly UW 5-807, Faculty Workload) (3/8/19 draft)
    10. UW 2-10 (formerly UW 5-808, Post-Tenure Review Policy)
    11. UW 2-15 (Academic Freedom) (9/18/18 draft)
    12. UW 2-16  (Sabbatical and Professional Development Leave) (7/2/19 draft)

Standard Administrative Policies and Procedures (SAPPs)


Frequently Asked Questions

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Submitting Your Feedback

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