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Meat Sales FAQ

  • How do I order meat product?

    The Meat Sale web page may be accessed at
    Please enter all required information and hit continue. 

    You may then make your selection from the available meat products.
    Please note: Meat can only be purchased when the online store is open for a scheduled sale

  • When are meat sales?   

    Meat sales are not scheduled on a regular basis. 
    Days and times are set at the discretion of the meat lab manager. 
    Our goal is to have one to two meat sales per month.

  •  How do I sign up to receive email notification of meat sales?

    Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive notification of sales via email. 
    If you are accessing the internet via The University of Wyoming you may register here: (PLEASE NOTE: This link ONLY works if you are using a UW Email address via the UW server.  THANK YOU!!)

    If you are accessing the internet off campus, please send your email address to Kyle Phillips at

  • Will I receive a confirmation email regarding my purchase?

    Yes, you should receive a confirmation email after you place your order, within moments of placing your order. 
    If you do not receive an email, your order was not accepted or your email address was entered incorrectly.  You may contact Kelcey via email at or at 307-766-4613 if you have a question or concern. 
    If your confirmation email does not match your intended purchase, please contact Kelcey as well.

  • What is the Payroll Deduction Policy? (updated 4/24/12)

    As a courtesy to UW Employees, we offer payroll deduction as a payment method under the following terms:

    • Payroll deduction for meat purchased will begin with the first possible month of payroll following the sale, given payroll processing deadlines. Deductions occur once per month.
    • Purchases may be split over a maximum of four (4) months, with the minimum deduction being $50 and any remainder of less than $50 being the final payment.
    • Payroll deduction(s) for a meat sale will begin immediately, regardless of balances still owed from previous meat sales. In the case where amounts are still being deducted from previous sales, the new amount will increase the deduction - there will be no delay in starting the new deduction.
    • Employees must sign a Payroll Deduction Authorization form at the time of the meat sale, and will need their Employee ID number (not "W" number) to complete the form. Employee ID numbers may be found by accessing UW Employee Self Service via WyoWeb.
    • The Payroll Deduction Authorization form may only be signed by the employee - family members or friends may not sign. 
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