Animal Science Facilities

Laramie Research and Extension Center

The Laramie Research and Extension Center was constructed in 1990 at a cost of 4.34 million dollars. The facilities consist of 12 buildings including a temperature modified lambing barn, beef and sheep sheds, a wool laboratory and classroom, a sheep handling building, a sheep confinement building, a multipurpose building, a swine confinement unit, and a state-of-the-art feed mill.

Livestock Center


Cliff and Martha Hansen Teaching Arena

 Hansen Arena

In September, 1996, the 47,500 square feet Cliff and Martha Hansen Teaching Arena was dedicated at this location. This arena is used for numerous activities including livestock laboratories, judging contests, and, equestrian practice and competition.  In addition, the rodeo team practices in this facility and the NIRA sanctioned Laramie River Rendezvous rodeo is held here in the spring.


Multipurpose Building

The multipurpose building includes a complete surgical suite (900 square feet) with adjacent preparatory and recovery rooms and a 300 square feet laboratory equipped with hood, CO2 incubator, and centrifuge. Sheep and cattle are housed in adjacent outside pens equipped with feeders, waterers, chutes, and scales. The multipurpose building also contains areas for conducting sheep and cattle metabolism trials. This building is temperature controlled.




The Farm

Livestock Pens

The Farm includes large capacity livestock pens used for various research and extension projects.


Meat Laboratory

Constructed in 1986 alongside the Animal Science/ Molecular Biology Building, the Meat Laboratory is a 9,720 square foot facility dedicated to the teaching, research and extension activities pertaining to meat science, food technology and their applications at the University of Wyoming. The facility is mainly utilized for teaching meat and food science classes for the Animal Science Department, allowing students a very hands-on supplemental lab experience alongside their coursework.

Furthermore, the UW Meat Lab provides assistance in the development and application of sciences to solve issues faced in animal and meat science. In addition to these activities, the UW Meat Lab actively provides outreach to the community in terms of workshops and meat processing classes, as well as resources to other small meat processing plants in the region. For more information on the UW Meat Lab, click here.

Animal Science/Molecular Biology



Research Laboratories

The department has over 5000 square feet of research lab space on main campus which is expected to double in size due to recent hires. The Animal Science building includes walk-in refrigerater and freezer storage, a cold work area, and ample ultra-low freezers. Designated laboratory space is primarily dedicated to research in the areas of reproductive physiology, meat science, food microbiology, and ruminant nutrition. Microscopy capabilities include an array of research grade light microscopes and modern histology equipment. Areas dedicated to reproductive physiology and food microbiology are equipped for cryopreservation, aseptic technique, and sterilization where biocontainment at the BL2 level is required. The reproductive physiology lab has 1500 square feet and includes dedicated cell culture and IVF laboratories. Meat science facilities include a commercial grade kitchen, taste panel room, and laboratory space dedicated to the evaluation and analysis of meat quality. Analytical capabilities housed in the department provide the ability to perform a range of techniques and assays related to animal biochemistry, reproduction and ruminant nutrition as well as an array of equipment needed for sample preparation and analyses. Specific capabilities include chromatography, spectrometry, electrophoresis, capillary fragment analysis, real time PCR , various immunoassays and elemental analysis. In conjunction with the large animal facilities, there are two additional wet labs located in the multi-purpose building at the University stock farm.

LEA LabFet Lab


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