Advanced Field School

 Archaeological Field Studies – ANTH 5180-01

 DATES: June 17 – July 24, 2023

 Paleoindian Archaeology at the Edge of the Rockies

 Schedule: the AAFS consists of three-10 day sessions with each session separated by a four day break.
The three sessions and two breaks are scheduled as:


June 17 – June 26

Hell Gap 1

June 27 – June 30


July 1 – July 10

Hell Gap 2

July 11 – July 14


July 15 – July 24

Hell Gap 3


Transportation: Transportation to and from the UW campus will be arranged prior to leaving for the field on June 16. You may have to drive a university vehicle during sessions or to and from Laramie and you cannot do so without university approval. You must be registered as a student before applying. Students are encouraged to use their own vehicle to convoy with us and provide more personal flexibility during the field sessions (travel to town after work and during breaks or down the road to get cell phone service). But we must insure that we have sufficient drivers for project vehicles and field equipment.

After meeting in Laramie at noon on (the day before start of the first session), our first task will be to load vehicles with field supplies, and other tasks necessary for field work. The same holds true on our return to Laramie (last day of the third session) for unloading. We will travel to and return from Hell Gap after loading in a convoy at the start and finish of the field season. Driving time to Hell Gap from Laramie is approximately 2 hours and we will need time to set up camp (yours and communal) after arrival so we will need to get out of town as soon as possible after noon.

Field Living at Hell Gap: The Hell Gap field camp consists of a spacious tent camp area, dining hall, a well, port-a-potties, and a solar shower surround. We will have spaces for everyone interested in bringing more substantial housing (trailers, pickups with toppers, etc.), although there is no plumbing for sewage, and electric connections are in short supply. Students and staff are required to provide personal camping equipment (see Excavating and Living at Hell Gap).

Field Equipment: The AAFS provides major equipment and supplies necessary for excavation and laboratory work. If you have your own personal excavation equipment please bring it (see Excavating and Living at Hell Gap for minimum suggested equipment needs). If you do not have your own personal excavation equipment, please let the instructor know well in advance so we can provide it for you

Tuition, Fees, and Registration Page



 Hell Gap Field lab (left) and excavation of Locality I in progress (right) Hell Gap Pictures


You must pay your tuition and be registered for the course by 6/16/23. If you have any questions please call the UW Anthropology Department at 307-766-5136, or email

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