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Neltje: The Collector

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June 22, 2024 – January 11, 2025

South One and South Two Galleries


Neltje (American, 1934-2021) is a Wyoming icon as an American artist, businesswoman, and philanthropist. However, she was also a prolific collector, traveling the globe and acquiring works of art from each and every place she touched. Her home, now the Neltje Center for Excellence in Creativity and the Arts, is like a museum of her making. She thoughtfully curated her collection of cultural objects alongside fine art. Today, the Neltje Center provides many opportunities for UW students, faculty, and creatives to retreat in the natural beauty of the Bighorns while nestled in the world Neltje created. This exhibition at the UW Art Museum provides a glimpse into her home and life as a collector and curator by sharing eight vignettes of Neltje’s personal collections and how she arranged them.



Funded through the generosity of the Lucile Wright Endowment and the Office of the President.