Social Sciences Degree Program

College of Arts and Sciences

Social Sciences B.A./B.S.

Admission this program has been suspended. Please contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center at 307-766-4013 for more information.

At the University of Wyoming, the College of Arts and Sciences is a leader in creating academic degree programs to meet special needs and interests of students seeking a unique place in the world beyond the university. In professional environments that appreciate intelligence, imagination, independence, and ingenuity, students may find valued positions by earning a bachelor's degree in one of the A&S distributed majors (Humanities and Fine Arts, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Sciences) or the Self-Designed Major. These programs meet the complex curricular interests of those who may not achieve their professional desires and goals through study in a single discipline.

Some students are interested in exploring various historical and contemporary perspectives of the human experience by taking courses from several disciplines such as African American and Daspora Studies, American Studies, American Indian Studies, Anthropology, Communication and Journalism, Criminal Justice, Economics, Gender and Women's Studies, Geography, History, Latina/o Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psycology, Religious Studies and Sociology. The degree in Social Sciences is organized as a multidisciplinary program with a list of appropriate courses approved by participating departments and programs. For this major, students select four areas of foci and plan a course of study to prepare for a variety of professional and career interests. Ideally, students should select areas of emphases and courses that establish a cohesive program of inquiry with a thematic connection, rather than a disparate collection of courses. In searching for positions in the workforce, you should be able to talk about your studies and objectives in a meaningful way.

For this major, you may want to focus your study in history, geography, economics, and sociology to understand diverse behaviors, beliefs, and cultural practices that have shaped groups, societies, and nations and their interactions through time and be able to analyze, influence, and adapt to the challenges of the future. Another approach in this major may be to explore diversity in the United States and how public policy addresses issues and concerns of ethnic minority groups by focusing on courses in African American and Diaspora studies, American Indian studies, Latina(o) studies, and political science.

Students in this major must complete the University Studies Program requirements and A&S core requirements, as well as major content for those who began fall 2015 or later. See this list of approved courses.

For those who began fall 2007 through summer 2015, see major content. For those who began between fall 2003 through summer 2007, see major content. 

For advising information contact the A&S Advising Center, 307-766-4013,, Ross Hall, Room 6.

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