Judicial Council Decisions

Associated Student of the University of Wyoming

Judicial Council Decisions Archive

2019-2020 Judicial Council Decisions


de Vault-Garvey and Good Elections Complaint

Elections Code Sponsorship

RSO Representation at RSO Funding Board

RSO representation at RSO Funding Board


2020-2021 Judicial Council Decisions


Interpretation of Undeclared Student representation

Interpretation of Executives Chairing Standing Committee

Interpretation of Senator Allocation-Honors College

Interpretation of College Senatorial Eligibility


2021-2022 Judicial Council Decisions


Interpretation of Mechanism to Remove the President

Interpretation of Presedential Duties

Refferal Regarding Langston Bouma

True-Bowles Election Complaint

Election Complaint Against Jonathon True

Elections Complaint Against FSL

Interpretation of ASUW Finance Policy


2022-2023 Judicial Council Decisions


Please excuse the lack of decisions as this page is currently under construction.





2023-2024 Judicial Council Decisions


A Grant of Process for SR 2989 per the 4-07-2024 JC


An Injunction prohibiting retaliation against witnesses for

the JRCLS Appeal process

Elections Complaint Against Nicholas Bogani

Request for Interpretation Regarding the Scope of the

Judicial Council

Request for Interpretation regarding 5.02 (1) (C) of the

ASUW Bylaws

Appeal of the Judicial Councils 10-11-23 decision 

Request for interpretation regarding 5.02 (1) (C), 5.02

(1) (D) of the ASUW Bylaws


2024-2025 JC Decisions


No decisions made at this time.




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