Bike Locker Rental Form 

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This school year enjoy a Bike Locker for only $102.00 + $20 deposit.
While supplies last!

Please complete the following form. You will be forwarded to our online payment system to pay by credit card.
One Calendar Year: $147.00 ($127 + $20 refundable deposit)
Two Academic Semesters: $122.00 ($102 + $20 refundable deposit) **Use Promotional Code TWOACADEMIC for discounted rate!
One Academic Semester: $77.00 ($57 + 20 refundable deposit)
Spring 2020 Semester Special: $40.00 ($20 + 20 refundable deposit)
Summer Session: $62.00 ($42 + $20 refundable deposit)
One Month: $42.00 ($22 + $20 refundable deposit)

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Once on campus, students must come to the vending office to pick up a key. For questions or additional information call (307) 766-4104 or email us at

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