Leonard Research Group


Bullet     James Thode published a paper about coal fractionation and graphene synthesis
Bullet     Brian and Elliott Hulley were awarded a NSF-REU based on community college student experiences
Bullet     Andrew Smith published a paper about alkali metal intercalation of WO2Cl2
Bullet     The Leonard group published a paper on the synthesis of superconducting 2M WS2
Bullet     A collaboration with Jifa Tian (UW Physics) investigating 2M WS2 was recently funded by the DOE
Bullet     Brian went on sabbatical at RWTH in Aachen Germany to work with Richard Dronskoski
Bullet     Jimmy received his PhD and took a job with Anasazi Instruments
Bullet     The Leonard group received funding from the NSF-SSMC for their 2D materials project
Bullet     Yagya Regmi started a new position at the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre
Bullet     Cheng Wan started a new position at Tenpower
Bullet     Brian served as the Program Chair for the SWRM-RMRM ACS Regional Meeting in El Paso
Bullet     Andrew, Dan, and Brian attended North American Solid State Chemistry Conference
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