John P. Ellbogen Entrepreneurship Competition

Winners of the 2011 Competition

First Place - Two-Way Tie

Bright Agrotech






Third Place

SeppCo Insurance Solutions


Most Creative Business Plan

Ghost Owl Myconautical Industries


Best Presentation





Bright Agrotech, LLC

Bright Agrotech, LLC manufactures and sells vertical hydroponic towers for greenhouse vegetable production that allow producers to dramatically increase production as a function of floor space. 

Team members: Nate Storey, Graduate in Agronomy, Cheyenne and Paul Bennick, BA in History, Gillette


Ghost Owl Myconautical Industries

Ghost Owl Myconautical Industries will provide the Front Range with tasty, healthy, visually appealing gourmet mushrooms, using recycled biomass from the community. 

Team members: CJ Stewarts, BS in Mathematics/Science, Laramie and Bennett Simpson, BS in Business Administration, Pekin, IL


GlycoBac offers custom glyco-engineered insect cells for the production of biotherapeutics with specific sugar structures critical for the therapeutic efficacy of biotherapeutics such as cancer-fighting antibodies.

Team members: Christoph Geisler, Graduate in Molecular Biology, Heerlen, The Netherlands


SEC Mobile Lifestyle Fitness
SEC Lifestyle Mobile Training is a new alternative to personal training providing the convenience to train, motivate, and encourage each and every in a personal way traditional methods cannot provide. 

Team members: Sarah Clark, Non-degree Graduate, Laramie


SeppCo Insurance Solutions
SeppCo Insurance Solutions is a professional service that assists large construction companies in obtaining and maintaining insurance documentation from their subcontractors as a risk reduction strategy.

Team members: Shantel Seppala, BS in Business Administration, Evanston