College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

University of Wyoming Engineering Fund for Enrichment (UWEFE)

What is UWEFE?

Do you wonder how your program fees are used? A portion of the program fees you pay is earmarked for the UW Engineering Fund for Enrichment (UWEFE). The fund is obligated to better the student experience by means of improving the education and study environment of the college. To put it another way: This money is for you to use to improve the college to fit your needs! 

The fund was created to adhere to the interests of the students. We are currently accepting proposals from any student, student organization, faculty, or staff member who has ideas to improve the College of Engineering and Applied Science.

Call for Proposals

Any College of Engineering and Physical Sciences student, faculty, staff, or student organization may make a formal proposal to request funds from UWEFE. The UWEFE Council (consisting of eleven students - one undergraduate representing each of the undergraduate programs in the college plus one graduate student) will make the final decisions regarding fund dispersal.

Before requesting funds from the UWEFE Council, it is expected that the organization or individual making the request has first investigated other sources for funding, such as the ASUW Finance Appropriations Committee (for conference registration fees) or the individual departments that support the event. In addition, requests for matching funds should be pursued. After pursuing other funding sources and securing matching funds, prepare a funding request and present it to the UWEFE Council.

For a request to be considered by the UWEFE Council it must meet the following requirements:

  • Funds must be used in a manner that will benefit a large number of engineering students.

  • Funds must be used in a manner that will include multiple disciplines where feasible.

  • The amount of funds requested should be itemized and accurately portrayed to the best of the requester's knowledge.

    • If funds are to be used between June and October, the request should be made by the final UWEFE Council hearing for the spring semester.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Submit a detailed UWEFE Grant form, including a complete budget, matching funds either secured or potential, answers to the questions listed below, and a timeline for completion of the project to Dr. David Mukai. If the proposal includes travel, a completed travel budget must be approved by Megan Barber prior to grant submission. Proposals should be submitted no later than one week prior to a scheduled meeting.

  2. Attend and present the proposal to a hearing of the UWEFE Council.

  • If the sponsor of the proposal does not attend and present their proposal, the UWEFE Council will table the proposal until the next hearing.

  • Following are some questions usually asked by the UWEFE Council:

    • What is the benefit of the proposal to the college?

    • Is there extended use to the college?

    • Is this the first the college will be represented at the event?

    • What available options/alternatives have been explored?

    • What personal investments (such as time and money) will the students be making?

  1. After all presentations have been made, the UWEFE Council will discuss each proposal in detail, hold a voting session, and notify requestors of the results.

Academic Year 2020/2021 Meeting Schedule

No meetings are scheduled at this time

A student from each program is represented in this University of Wyoming Engineering Fund for Enrichment (UWEFE). Each proposal is reviewed by the student committee and may be granted funding after a majority vote.

Academic Year 2020/2021 UWEFE Council

Membership for Fall 2020:

  • ESE – John Tharp - Chair

  • ARE – Caroline Long

  • ATSC – Coltin Grasmick, Grad Student

  • CHE – Andrew Halverson

  • CE – Daniel Gardalen

  • CPE – Christian Bitzas

  • COSC - vacant

  • Const. Man. – Samuel Spiker

  • EE – Madison Shippy

  • ME – Chaney Kennedy

  • PETE – Caleb Rothwell


  • David Mukai, CEPS Assoc. Dean

  • Megan Barber, CEPS Director of Business Operations

Previous Years Funded Projects:




If you have any questions, please contact Dr. David Mukai at (307) 766-4224 or by email at

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