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College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Working for Wyoming and the World

Only the most innovative and creative solutions will overcome the energy and technology challenges facing today's world. The students, faculty, and staff of the University of Wyoming's College of Engineering and Physical Sciences understand these challenges. They coordinate with leading national science and technology agencies to devise strategies to make our nation and world safer, cleaner and more technologically sound. All students have the opportunity to learn from and work alongside world-class researchers who engage our most complex topics. UW College of Engineering graduates are leaders within many of the world's most influential corporations and government agencies.

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Susan McCormack Center for Student Success

The mission of the Susan McCormack Center for Student Success in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is to help students develop their full potential by creating a culture of success through active involvement in education and career planning.

  • Explore our Academic Advising Center and how they assist students with scheduling and registering for courses, creating an undergraduate academic plan, exploring possible majors and minors, understanding university policies, forms and petitions, understanding degree requirements, referrals to university and college services, exploring extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, and discussing academic difficulties.

  • Learn how our Career Services Office team can assist in connecting companies to UW students and recent graduates, for entry-level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics employment. 

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Watch and learn more about the UW Engineering Education & Research Building (EERB), one of the most advanced and collaborative engineering learning facilities in the nation. The building, a key part of the Tier-1 Engineering Initiative, was made possible by generous private donations and a significant investment by the Wyoming Legislature. The initiative is designed to promote engineering education, workforce training and research relevant to the economic interest of Wyoming. Inside spaces include a new shop and student project areas; teaching and computer labs in an active-learning configuration; reconfigurable research labs with associated office and collaborative spaces; meeting/conference rooms; and an expanded drilling simulator facility.



The development, application and dissemination of new knowledge (often lumped together under the term "Research") are key functions of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Visit our research page to find information related to research activities in the college as well as a place to find links to college and university research policies and procedures.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences are managed through the College's Departments. For department and program-specific information, please visit our Graduate Programs webpage.

Alumni and Friends

Want to get involved and inspire the Next Generation? Explore the many ways individuals can make an impact with the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. 

  • Our alumni are leaders, innovators and mentors in their fields. Our alumni and friends provide an essential part of the foundation for the success of the Tier-1 Engineering Initiative. Find out more about how you can make a difference in the lives and careers of our students at our Alumni and Friends page.

  • Visit the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Awards and Recognition page to recognize and honor deserving individuals who have brought distinction to the college's programs through achievements and/or service. Recognition is given either through induction into the Hall of Fame or by receipt of the college's Distinguished Engineer/Scientist or the Distinguished Service Awards. By honoring these exemplary individuals, we wish to show appreciation to them for the distinction they have brought to the college and the University of Wyoming.

  • Explore Giving to the College to learn how giving takes many forms at the University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Your contributions further strengthen our ability to deliver the highest quality educational, research, and outreach opportunities to Wyoming and the world.

Rise to National Prominence

The Engineering Initiative

Now is the time to be part of the University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. After a significant investment from Wyoming state government in 2012, the Engineering Initiative was created to elevate the college to new heights of excellence in education, research and service. The initiative focuses on the following strategic goals:

  • Excellence in Undergraduate Education
  • World-Class Research and Graduate Education
  • Productive Economic Development
  • K-14 STEM Education

Find out more about the Engineering Initiative


Our Engineering Licensure

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences have degree programs that offer a pathway to licensure. All of our engineering and computer science undergraduate degrees are ABET accredited. Students that seek licensure will often need to take an examination and may need to meet experience requirements prior to applying for licensure with the governing boards. Learn more about our Engineering Licensure information today.


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