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The Center for Economic Geology Research (CEGR) at the University of Wyoming's (UW) School of Energy Resources is a group of research scientists who apply knowledge in geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, policy, and economics to explore solutions to challenges in Wyoming's fossil fuel and mineral industries.  

CEGR research scientists actively collaborate with industry, the state of Wyoming, local governments, and national laboratories to: 

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The mission of the Center for Economic Geology Research (CEGR) is to investigate solutions to the challenges in Wyoming's fossil fuel and mineral industries. CEGR research projects explore opportunities to use Wyoming's distinctive geology and resources in order to develop those opportunities, diversify Wyoming's economy, and to maintain competitiveness in a low-carbon fossil energy future.


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The  Center for Economic Geology Research continues to pursue a wide variety of projects and research endeavors. While core work is focused on carbon capture, utilization, & storage (CCUS), CEGR has expanded to include projects relating to carbon dioxide mitigation technology, and critical materials & rare earth elements.


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Center for Economic Geology Research
Energy Innovation Center (EIC)
1000 E. University Avenue, Dept. 4902
Laramie, WY 82071-2000
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New CCS Landowner Guide!


CCS Landowner Guide

What Every Wyoming Landowner Should Know About Carbon Capture and Storage

By Carson Tanner, J.D./M.A. University of Wyoming College of Law and Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources & Tara Righetti, School of Energy Resources Professor of Law and Occidental Chair for Energy and Envirnmental Policies

The resource guide, What Every Wyoming Landowner should know about Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), provides a general overview of common issues that have arisen during the development of CCS technology, and helps to provide landowners with some guidance when exploring options to lease their pore space.