Powder River Basin CORE-CM: Advancing Strategies for Carbon Ore, Rare Earth Element, and Critical Mineral Resource Development in the Nation's Largest Coal Producing Basin


Project Description

The primary objectives of the project are to establish and initiate strategic plans that address all aspects of carbon ore, rare earth element, and critical mineral (CORE-CM) resource development and to promote economic growth and workforce development centered around the nation’s largest coal mines in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming and Montana. The project will bring together a committed team of project partners and stakeholders from across the Powder River Basin. The project aims to maximize development potential of carbon ore, rare earth element, and critical mineral resources while leveraging the highly trained workforce, existing coal technologies, energy infrastructure, and wide public acceptance of energy technology in the basin.

The project team will complete initial assessments, gap analyses, and strategic plans for: (1) resource evaluation, including an initial geologic model of CORE-CM resources in the Powder River Basin; (2) CORE-CM potential of regional waste streams; (3) infrastructure, industry, and business; (4) technology development and field testing; (5) technology innovation centers; and (6) stakeholder outreach and education, including workforce development programs and forums to facilitate technology transfer.

Project Benefits

The Powder River Basin CORE-CM project will promote economic development and workforce training associated with all aspects of the CORE-CM value chain. Strategic plans will identify resources and opportunities to advance CORE-CM technology and innovation. A key component of the PRB CORE-CM project is to connect stakeholders through workshops, conferences, and digital media.

We welcome new project partners and stakeholders. Please direct inquiries to Erin Phillips at 

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