Marty Moose Makes a Difference

May 5, 2017

Marty Moose water dispenserIn 2016, the Cent$ible Nutrition Program revised one of its youth curricula, Grazing with Marty Moose, to incorporate school interventions in each of the lessons. The curriculum is designed for a 3rd grade audience, but the revisions to include interventions make it possible for CNP educators to reach the entire school. The aim of these interventions is to encourage schools to make the healthy choice the easy choice for all students.  

The interventions in the new curriculum are as simple as adding a water dispenser in the lunchroom or classroom, moving the low-fat plain milk in front of the chocolate milk in the lunchroom, or hanging posters in the hallways to remind students to make healthy choices. Some of these interventions are classroom specific, such as the Healthy Celebrations Proclamation, in which the class pledges to make their celebrations healthy.

Healthy Celebration broccoli

In early 2017, one CNP educator in Natrona County discussed implementing the Healthy Celebrations Proclamation with three 3rd grade classes at Evansville Elementary School. All three teachers agreed with the proclamation, especially the healthy classroom snacks component and when the opportunity to try it arrived, they opted for a healthy Valentine’s Day class party.

The teachers asked parents to bring in healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, for the party instead of cupcakes, cookies, or candies. 

The parents responded positively and respected the teachers’ request. They brought in fruit trays, vegetable trays, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and bananas with Valentine cards attached saying, “Bananas for you.”

The students were excited for all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. They really enjoyed the celebration with nutritious, healthy snacks. The CNP educator said it was amazing to see such a healthy change inspired from the curriculum.

By working with schools in this capacity, CNP is able to encourage all students to start thinking about their health and to make healthy choices now that will carry them into the future. 

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