Dr. Li Li

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Ph.D. Ohio University, 2008-2012



  • COJO 3010 Professional and Business Communication

  • COJO 3040 Advanced Communication Theory

  • COJO 3070 Introductory Communication Research

  • COJO 3160 Theory of Language and Society

  • COJO 3190 Cross-Cultural Communication

  • COJO 3195 Cross-Cultural Communication at Beijing (A study-abroad course in China)

  • COJO 4210 Communicating with Diverse Students

  • COJO 4210/5210 Instructional Communication Research

  • COJO 5540 Human Communication Theory



Li, L., & Reed, D. (2023). Unmasking the mask issue on Reddit: An investigation of the online public deliberation around the mask controversy. Emerging Media, 1-17. https://doi.org/10.1177/27523543231196209

Li, L. (2022). Review of the book Fusion of East and West—Children, Education, and a New China, 1902-1915, by Limin Bai. China Review International, 27(2), 107-110. doi:10.1353/cri.2020.0025.

Jia, M., Zhang, H. & Li, L. (2020). The power of teacher supportive communication: Effects on students’ positive emotions and engagement in learning. The Northwest Journal of Communication, 48 (1), 9-36.

Qian, Y., & Li, L. (2017). Student off-task electronic multitasking predictors: Scale development and validation. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 17 (2), 53-73.

Chen, Y. W., Li, L., & Lou, S. (2016). “The superhero in our hearts is Chairman Mao”: The structurating of Chinese sojourners’ conceptualizations of (super)heroes identities. The Howard Journal of Communications, 27 (3), 218-235.

Jia, M., Li, L., & Titsworth, S. (2015). Teaching as emotional work: Instructor’s empathy and students’ motives to communicate out of class. The Electronic Journal of Communication, 25 (3-4).

Li, L., & Titsworth, S. (2015). Student misbehaviors in online classrooms: Scale development and validation. The American Journal of Online Education, 29, 41-55.

Li, L., Chen, Y. W., & Nakazawa, M. (2013). Voices of Chinese Web-TV audiences: A case of applying Uses and Gratifications theory to examine popularity of Prison Break in China. China Media Research, 9, 63-74.

Li, L., Ziwoya, F., Black, L., & Hartz-Karp, J. (2013). Are they doing what they are supposed to do?: Assessing the facilitating process of the Australian Citizens’ Parliament. In L. Carson, J. Gastil, J. Hartz-Karp, & R. Lubensky (Eds.), The Australian Citizens’ Parliament and the future of deliberative democracy (pp. 190-203). University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press.

Li, L., Mazer, J., & Ju, R. (2011). Resolving international teaching assistant language inadequacy through dialogue: Challenges and opportunities for clarity and credibility. Communication Education, 60,461-478.



Li, L. (2022-2023). Zimmerman Faculty Fellowship. University of Wyoming at Casper.
Li, L. (2022). Center for Global Studies (CGS) Faculty and Staff International Research Grant, University of Wyoming.
Li, L. (2015, 2014, 2013). Innovative Course Grant, University of Wyoming.



Communication Education

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning



International Communication Association

National Communication Association 

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