Undergraduate FAQ

Even if you feel like the courses required for the degree are useless, the degree itself is very much not. A CS Degree is a requirement for many advanced jobs, even if you the job doesn’t use all/any of the skills that you actually learned while obtaining the degree.
  1. Mathematics
  2. Communication
  3. Business
  4. Psychology
  5. Physics
  6. Biology
  7. Engineering
Computer Science is an ideal choice for students who enjoy math and problem-solving. Majoring in this field can lead to lucrative careers that will remain in high demand. A four-year computer science degree is challenging, but well worth the investment.
Majoring with a BS in Computer Science is better if you want a more technical job. If you want a job that’s more creative, then pursuing a BS may be better for you. However, obtaining a BS still allows you to qualify for more creative jobs, especially if you pursue experience in more creative projects that you may add to your resume.
Computer Science Majors can obtain a higher starting salary than many other undergraduate degrees. Computer Science also has one of the smallest gaps for pay between genders, meaning many women are able to obtain the same pay as men in their fields.
On average, it takes 4 years to obtain a degree in Computer Science.
  1. Software Tester
  2. Web Developer
  3. Systems Analyst
  4. Business Analyst
  5. Product Manager
  6. Network Architect
  7. Software Engineer and more!
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