Computer Science

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences



What the department expects from graduate students:

  • Ph.D. and M.S. Plan A students should make substantial progress on an original research project each year. M.S. Plan B students should make substantial progress on their Plan B project.
  • Each Ph.D. and M.S. Plan A student is encouraged to submit at least one conference paper per year, except first year students (whom are encouraged to do so if they can).
  • All graduate students are expected to meet regularly with their advisor.
  • Students are required to read the departmental web pages and make sure they are fulfilling all the degree requirements on time, including their coursework requirements and examination requirements.
  • Students are expected to frequently attend department-sponsored research presentations and events, and otherwise be an active member of the computer science community.


What graduate students can expect from the department:

  • An advisor that will regularly meet with the student to discuss the student’s goals and talk with the student about whether they are on track to meet those goals. Students who have not yet picked a research area under a particular advisor will be paired with a temporary advisor until they have chosen their research area and permanent advisor.
  • An open-door policy for all faculty, such that students can talk with any faculty about their goals, research interests, and other issues.
  • New students will be paired with a senior graduate student to help them become acquainted and adjusted to graduate student life.
  • Access to dedicated facilities, such as computer workstations, a high-performance computing cluster, and printers, to perform work on.
  • A welcoming community of scholars that are friendly, respectful, and hardworking. Graduate students will be treated as colleagues in the department.
  • Students will learn how science is conducted in academia. Students may also have opportunities to teach.
  • A degree that will enable students to excel in their careers as academics, industry scientists, and/or industry professionals. The skills learned related to research, teaching, public-speaking, high-quality writing, critical-thinking skills, and effective collaboration will be helpful irrespective of the future career choices of the student. 
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