Brief Overview

Honorlock is an online proctoring provider which UW has contracted with. Honorlock allows faculty to assign proctored exams in online courses and allows students to take proctored exams remotely. Honorlock is available 24/7, and prescheduling exams with Honorlock is not necessary.

What equipment is required?

The test-taker will need a working webcam, microphone, Chrome browser, and a device that meets Honorlock’s system requirements, (available at the top of this page).


Does Honorlock use facial recognition to determine my identity?

No. Honorlock uses facial detection, which only detects that there is a clear, human face in the webcam. Honorlock does not identify the face, store any of the facial elements, or match the face to a database. If no face is detected, or if multiple faces are detected, AI will flag the incident and a human proctor will intervene. Ultimately, a human being matches the ID image to the exam taker for authentication.

Do I need to install anything to take my exam with Honorlock? Prior to taking the exam, you will need to download the Honorlock Chrome extension. This extension, installed within Chrome, monitors your Chrome web browser only during the time you are taking the exam. The extension does not have access to anything beyond the Chrome browser and only during the exam. You can remove the extension as soon as you submit your exam ,or you can create a unique Chrome profile for use only when taking exams with Honorlock.


Am I being watched by a proctor during my exams?

Yes and no. Honorlock uses AI technology to monitor your session. If it senses something is wrong it will trigger a “live proctor pop-in.” A proctor will drop-in to your session, assess the situation, help you get back on track, and provide any notes about the incident to your instructor. Along with that information, your instructor will have access to a recording of your webcam and a recording of your screen captured during the exam.


Does Honorlock make a determination of cheating?

No. Honorlock reports back possible incidents, along with webcam and screen video recordings from the exam to your instructor, who makes that determination.


How is my privacy protected?

Honorlock retains data collected during the exam (webcam and screen recording, ID authentication information, websites visited by the student during the exam, course number) for one year. No other data is collected. Honorlock is FERPA-compliant and uses securely encrypted protocols to save all data. Your instructor is able to review test session videos until deleted. For more information, see Honorlock’s student privacy page.


You should also know that…

· Honorlock does not sell student information to third parties

· Honorlock does not scan home networks or otherwise monitor network activity


What about accessibility and students with special needs?

Honorlock is VPAT certified and fully accessible to students with special needs. Honorlock is screen reader compliant if needed. Staff from the University of Wyoming’s Disability Support Services Office fully participated in the RFP process that led to UW’s contract with Honorlock.

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