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University of Wyoming Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate education University of Wyoming Electrical and Computer Engineering graduate education


The UW Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty consists of researchers from top-20 universities developing new technologies in rapidly growing technologies such as bio-engineering and green energy.  Graduate students in ECE are immersed in an environment that is the synergism of deep theory and practical application, as ideas spawned in intellectual exchange with faculty are developed and eventually verified in one of the ten active research laboratories within the department. Opportunities for students to produce scholarly research are augmented with the potential to take part in commercial enterprises established by faculty, further enhancing the graduate experience and establishing invaluable ties to industry.

To learn more about what this department can offer for a Master's or Doctoral program, continue through this website. 

Prospective Students:

** If you are interested in entering the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, click here to take the survey. You will need your GRE percentile scores and if an international student your TOFEL or IELTS total score.  Incomplete surveys will not be reviewed.**

Here is more graduate information for Prospective Students.

**Fall 2021 Applicants:

The following requirements have to satisfied to receive a waiver for admission to Fall 2020 without GRE scores:

  1. A GPA requirement of 3.4 for our students, and 8.5 on a scale of 10 for international students.
  2. Clear the online English screening at the required level if you are an international student.
  3. Submit TOEFL or Duolingo Exam results if you are an international student. 

Current Students: 

Curriculum requirements, documentation, degree plans, and more information for Current Graduate Students. 


Time Limits for GA Support:

A Masters student will only be allowed two years of state-funded support, even if they only received four semesters of half GA support during that time. A Doctoral student can only receive five years post Bachelors (even if they are only at half support).

Direct PhD Admission (BS to PhD)

Direct PhD admission has to be approved by the ECE faculty. You need to submit the student's transcripts and make a case during the meeting. Please note, direct PhD admissions are for students with an undergraduate degree from a US institution only.

Switching from MS to PhD

The current MS student should complete the MS degree (Plan A or plan B) and then depending on their GPA there are two paths: If the GPA is 3.8 or above, there is no requirement of faculty review, and it is automatic admission to PhD. If the GPA is lower than 3.8 and higher or equal than 3.4, the ECE faculty will review the application.


Areas of Major Concentration:

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Email: ece@uwyo.edu

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