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Business Courses With Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Elelments

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BUSN 1000. First-Year Seminar

This course is part of the University Studies Program and is designed to help all first year students make the transition from High School to College.


ECON 1000. Global Economic Issues

Incoming students are introduced to basic principles of economics through the examination of contemporary global economic problems. Issues include sustainable development, economic causes of wars, global energy dependence, patterns of international capital flows, foreign aid, the brain drain and the emerging global business community. Topics selected will define the set and level of economic principles introduced.


UWYO 1050. Student-Athlete Academic Success

Introduces first-year student athletes to U.W.  Includes an introduction to campus resources, time management and study skill techniques, exploration of learning styles, diversity topics, and strategic goal setting to be a successful student and athlete.


ECON 3010. Intermediate Macroeconomics

A presentation and study of national income aggregates and accounting; equilibrium analysis of output, employment and the price level; general equilibrium analysis; and an introduction to economic dynamics.  


UWYO 3010. Student-Athlete Leadership Skills

Designed for students to gain and apply leadership skills among other topics such as healthy relationships, nutrition, budgeting, and preparing for internships. This course builds on UWYO 1050 Student-Athlete Academic Success, and prepares the student for UWYO 3050 Student-Athlete Career Preparation.


UWYO 3050. Student-Athlete Career Prep

Works with junior and senior student-athletes as they prepare to leave college and embark on their career search. Includes topics such as: resume writing, cover letter writing, practice interviews, professional attire, interview etiquette, and mental health after college athletics.  


MGT 3110. Business Ethics

Studies the cognitive, social, behavioral, and corporate processes affecting individual, group, and organizational judgments in morally questionable situations. Through analysis students understand what factors give rise to and influence ethical issues and how organization values precipitate ethical behavior among employees.  


MGT 3210. Management & Organization

An introduction to the theory and practice of management with emphasis on individual and small group behavior, design and structure of organizations, relationship between the organization and its environment and statistical and quantitative skills used in examination of management processes. Also covers interpersonal communications, ethics and international management.  


ACCT 3240. Cost

Organizational uses of information to plan, make decisions, and evaluate performance. Specific topics include job order and process costing, cost estimation and CVP analysis, budgeting and variance analysis.  


FIN 3310. Investment Management

Fundamental principles of investments and practical implications of financial theory. Students acquire a framework for understanding returns on financial assets, risk and return, fundamentals of portfolio theory, efficient market hypothesis, and asset pricing models. Other topics include financial statement analysis, behavioral finance, and introduction to options and futures.  


MGT 3410. Human Resource Management

A study of the formal systems used to manage people at work. Emphasis is on concepts and procedures of EEO, diversity, job analysis, job evaluation, wage and salary administration, performance evaluation, safety, employee services and fringe benefits.


MGT 3420. Organizational Behavior & Leadership

An interdisciplinary study of individual, group, and organizational processes that affect employee behavior at work. Prepares students for various managerial roles by synthesizing successful leadership practices in both domestic and international settings and by examining critical areas such as individual differences, organizational politics and culture.  


ACCT 4060. Auditing I

A study of the scope, activities, and responsibilities of professional auditors. Topics include assurance services by public accountants, operational and compliance auditing by internal and governmental auditors, fraud auditing, and the role of internal control in all audits.  


MGT 4210. Sales Management and Professional Selling

Concerns the process of professional selling; planning and presentation; approach; interview and closing; and analysis of the management function of administering to an operating sales force.  


MGT 4220. Talent Acquisition

In Human Resource Management one core function is recruiting and selecting the best talent to drive organizational success. Students will learn how to analyze jobs and develop recruitment plans to find qualified individuals, how to conduct professional and valid interviews, and how to successfully onboard employees into the organization.  


ECON 4240. History of Economic Thought

Focuses on the most influential economists who have shaped the evolution of economic thinking throughout history. Emphasis is on tracing the evolution of economic thought into the modern intellectual foundation of economics. Traces changing economic thought from mercantilism through modern paradigms.


MKT 4450. Advanced Marketing Management

Capstone course for marketing majors and minors designed to integrate prior marketing courses. Primary focus is on utilizing marketing concepts and tools in a strategic marketing decision-making context.


MGT 4500. Employee to Entrepreneur

Investigates considerations relating to leaving current employment, ethical dilemmas, skills needed to launch a new business, importance of cash flow and financing start-up, personal rewards and costs of entrepreneurship, and an overview of business plan context.


ACCT 4600. Ethics and Professionalism

Examines professional ethics for accountants from both a philosophical and business perspective. Moral development, ethical reasoning, and ethical decision making provides a framework for examining the importance of ethics in the accounting profession. Professional guidance on ethics in accounting will also be examined, including the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the codes for other professional accounting organizations.  


MGT 4800. Business Strategy & Policy

A capstone course designed to integrate prior courses into a general manager’s overall organization perspective. Coverage will emphasize strategic management models which provide frameworks that assist in this task and integrate those internal organization factors with the firm’s environment.


FIN 4900. Problems: Finance

Students register on an individual basis to study any phase of finance not included in organized courses. Written report required.  


MGT 4910. Ethics: Future of Business

A course for advanced students treating contemporary problems in management and administration. Specific area(s) to be considered in a given semester will be printed in the class schedule.  


ECON 5010. Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis

An advanced application of economic theory to complex macroeconomics problems facing the economy of the state and nation, such as inflation, unemployment, and fiscal and monetary policies.  


ACCT 5060. Auditing II

An in-depth study of the financial statement audit and the professional responsibilities of public accountants. Covers professional standards, audit services, planning, internal control, audit testing including sampling, audit reports, the code of professional conduct, and the legal liability of auditors.


ACCT 5065. Fraud Examination

Gives consideration to the methodology for resolving allegations of fraud from inception to disposition. Topics covered include: gathering evidence, taking statements, writing reports, and assisting in the detection and deterrence of fraud. Coverage may also include emerging topics germane to fraud and ethics.


MBAX 5107. Decision Making

Overview of (i) business decision making within (ii) its   competitive, economic, legal, ethical and organizational contexts.  


MBAM 5208. Managerial Accounting

Use of accounting information for internal decision making purposes.


LAW 6660. Environmental Law

Provides an overview of the broad field of environmental law, with an emphasis on the major federal environmental statutes such as the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, and statutes regulating both hazardous wastes and toxic chemicals in commerce. In considering these various statutes, we consider both their substantive requirements and their conceptual approaches to environmental protection. Touches briefly on issues such as the role of states in implementing these national laws, various approaches to enforcement of these laws, common-law doctrines relevant to environmental protection, economic aspects of environmental law, and the roles and ethical responsibilities of lawyers representing clients.


LAW 6910. Education Law

The course will explore selected topics relating to education law, at all levels of education (primary, secondary, and higher education). Some of those topics will be selected by the professor, and others will be selected by the students. Professor-selected topics in recent years have included school desegregation, affirmative action, gender equity in athletics, search and seizure, corporal punishment, student free speech rights, and religion in schools.


For more information about these courses please see the General Bulletin.


Contact Us

Management & Marketing

1000 E University Avenue

Dept 3275

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307) 760-7860


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