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Our outreach and pedagogy are driven by evidence-based solutions and are constantly evolving. As such, we also conduct and support high-quality research on topics relating to leader development, leadership principles, ethical culture, ethical climate, ethical decision-making, and ethics education. We see our center as a vehicle for connecting leadership and ethics scholars to identify best practices and shed light on the importance of principle-based leadership.


Our Research Services 

  • Discovery Research

    Our researchers seek to extend current theories around leadership and ethics by exploring fundamental questions in these areas, such as “What is principle-based leadership?” and “How does principle-based leadership influence organizations and their people?” Answers to these questions become guides to organizations and present the frameworks for practical solutions.


    Why Use Our Discovery Research

    • Recognize major leadership and ethics gaps in your organization
    • Understand the implications of your leadership and ethics challenges
    • Move forward with confidence by incorporating our data-driven insights into your leadership and ethics strategies

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  • Applied Research

    Our research team builds on its discovery research to test specific practices for building strong leadership and ethics organizational foundations. Further, our team works directly with organizations to identify and test tailored solutions addressing your unique challenges.



    Why Use Our Applied Research

    • Design practical, data-driven solutions to your leadership and ethics challenges
    • Understand the parameters of your organization’s challenges to make changes that will drive positive change
    • Develop new products and services that improve leadership and ethics in the workplace


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  • Teaching Research

    Our experienced researchers relate pedagogical theory to identify and test models for preparing K-12, secondary, and post-secondary students to be principle-based, ethical leaders. We also work directly with organizations to apply these solutions to unique organizational environments by way of training.


    Why Use Our Teaching Research

    • Gain access to evidence-based, current teaching and training strategies
    • Identify and address weak spots in your training approaches
    • Receive hands-on support for implementing leadership and ethics training programs

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