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Call for proposals for 2025-2026

The Center for Global Studies aims to raise UW’s international profile for its outstanding research and creative activity by encouraging and supporting international conferences to be held at the University of Wyoming. To that end, we have developed a seed/planning grant program. Apply now for funding to support a conference in FY26 (Fall 2025 - Spring 2026). The funding will be available to you in the year of your conference, and will enable you to launch your planning or your conference bid this year. 

Application Deadline: January 15, 2024


Conference Call for Proposals: 2025-2026




Multiple opportunities are available for funding through the Office of Research & Economic Development. You can view their ongoing research and initiatives on their main page, and also explore funding options their current funding opportunities page.



The Center for Global Studies invites grant applications to support projects that advance international research, creativity, and engagement. Awards are up to $5000, and may be sought for research outside the U.S., collaboration with a current or prospective UW international partner institution, or research focused on international topics relevant to UW and the state of Wyoming. Awards under this SECOND call for AY 2023-2024 must be expended by the end of May 2024.


Award Source

Awards are made possible by CGS donors and the UW Office for Research and Economic Development.



  • Projects must be internationally oriented and research focused. All research and creative activity is of interest. Proposals that advance UW’s international footprint or stand to intensify international relationships and opportunities for the university as a community are of particular interest. Projects pursuing UW grand challenges or strategic goals are welcomed.
  • Applications must include: 1) coversheet, 2) abstract, 3) proposal narrative of up to 2 pages, and 4) detailed, feasible and cost-efficient budget, noting additional funding received or sought, its source, and likely date of notification for such funding. (See budget template below.) Supporting letters if relevant (partner institutions, etc.) Submit as ONE pdf.
  • If you have previously held an International Research grant, that award’s outcomes will be considered in the evaluation. (If no summary of past work achieved under an IRG is on file with Global Studies, a new proposal cannot be considered.)
  • Competition is open to current UW faculty and staff, and to incoming colleagues who have a start date of January 2024.


Evaluation Criteria

  • Quality and relevance of the research proposed.
  • Overall viability and deliverables of the project (scholarly infrastructures, etc.; proposed publications; future collabortions…).
  • Cost efficiency and budget justification.


Other factors include the extent to which the project:

1) enhances UW’s international reputation and global standing;

2) advances internationalization and the university’s strategic goals;

3) exhibits potential to expand UW’s international research and engagement portfolio;

4) advances interdisciplinary collaboration;

5) may persist beyond this initial funding;

6) can be leveraged for future external funding support.

Unless explicitly related to the research project, participation in international conferences, seminars, symposia, and related professional development opportunities will not be considered.

All grant funds must be expended by the end of May 2024, and cannot be deferred. Travel may occur after this date, but awards must be expended and processed in advance. Cash advances may only be requested if all travel is complete by May 31, and are strongly discouraged.



February 9, 2024, by 5:00 p.m.: Applications due.

Early March, 2024: Award notifications will be sent.

Questions, applications, and supporting materials should be sent to global@uwyo.edu.


Information for Recipients

  • Expense transactions MUST BE complete by May 31, 2024. Grants from these funds cannot be deferred.
  • Grant recipients must submit a summary of their work completed under the award by December 30, 2024 to: global@uwyo.edu.
  • Grant funds must be spent in consultation with the WyoGlobal Accountant to ensure timely processing of transactions.
  • Grantees should attend relevant workshops with ORED, for instance on future funding opportunities.



Please download the Application Form for your reference and to submit:


Application Form



Our call for proposals is now open for the opportunity to teach in the UW in Scotland program. Applicants are invited to submit proposals to teach during the summer in 2025.

In successive years, pairs of UW faculty from different disciplines, and who have trained in the varied resources and transdisciplinary methods of the Abbotsford cohort, develop and teach a summer program in Scotland. Their courses typically have a first footprint at Walter Scott’s house, Abbotsford, in the Scottish Borders, then move on to other locations across the country. Courses embrace the varied resources of the region through transdisciplinary teaching.

Previous courses have included:

  • Castles, Crowns, and the Enlightenment: Identity, Power, and Ideas in Scotland and England
  • Wyoming in Scotland: Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation
  • Earth, Energy, & Culture in Scotland
  • Scottish Rural Spaces: From Ancient Fields and Forests to Modern Food Systems
  • Stealing Culture: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Museum Studies

Courses are STRONGLY recommended to meet University Studies requirements, and faculty will be required to develop and pursue a recruitment plan.

Applications should be from PAIRS of faculty from different disciplines, and directed toward a 3-week course in Scotland for majors from across the curriculum. Successful faculty should expect to work with UW in Scotland, Education Abroad and Honors to organize their course or courses and to recruit, and to offer a 1-credit preparatory course in the Spring before they teach in Scotland. Total credits typically amount to 6, distributed over two courses. Courses that meet general education requirements as well as disciplinary ones, and the faculty’s ability to sustain, are preferred.


Deadline: 30 November 2023 (for 2025 courses)

Submit proposals to: Caroline McCracken-Flesher (cmf@uwyo.edu)


For further information, contact:         

Caroline McCracken-Flesher: cmf@uwyo.edu

Education Abroad: SaraR@uwyo.edu, sjewell1@uwyo.edu 


To discuss previous courses, contact:                   

Nicole Crawford & Darrell Jackson, 2022: nicole.crawford@uwyo.eduDarrell.Jackson@uwyo.edu

Valerie Inella Maiers & Brent Pickett, 2023: valerie.innellamaiers@caspercollege.edu, bpick@uwyo.edu


For more information and to submit, please reference the call for proposals.


Call for Teaching Proposals: Course Selection for 2025


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