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The success of the Green Dot Program relies on involving key student participants in spreading the word about the program. We need your help in identifying these students.

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There are a few reasons we are looking for student recommendations.

  1. We believe deeply in the core message of the program -- that 1) violence should not be tolerated at UW and 2) that everyone has a role to play in preventing violence. In order to get that message out to as many students as possible as quickly as possible, we want to first train students with strong, broad social connections. They can then serve as messengers for the program and promote Green Dot amongst their peers, including students who have not yet attended a training.
  2. The Green Dot Program is focused on shifting cultural norms. Research increasingly demonstrates that these shifts are not effectively achieved when an approach is overly broad or relies on mandatory participation. Cultural shifts are more quickly and effectively achieved through personal persuasion. By first providing the training to students who have broad social reach and are respected by their peers (influencers), the Green Dot message will be promoted on campus both through the formal trainings AND through the relationships that trained students have with peers.
  3. Even with our large instructor team, we don't know every student on campus (we wish we did!)

Influential students are individuals who seem to be natural leaders amongst their peers in any variety of ways. They may have a large social media following; they may be students who are always able to successfully organize and invite others to a social or academic function; their influence may be subconscious, as their peers pick up and emulate their habits and behaviors. 

Influential students are not perfect people who can do no wrong. Green Dot provides an opportunity for influential students to leverage their influence to improve their community, even if they have not always done so in the past.

We welcome recommendations of students from all areas of involvement at UW, including students in traditional and nontraditional leadership roles.

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