Jewell Lund

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Associate Research Scientist; WyACT Knowledge Co-production Coordinator

Wyoming Anticipating Climate Transitions (WyACT)
Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)
Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources | Beta House, Rm 307


PhD in Geography, University of Utah, 2022

Background and Expertise

Jewell Lund is an Associate Research Scientist at the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, and serves as the Knowledge Co-production Coordinator for the Wyoming Anticipating Climate Transitions (WyACT) project. Dr. Lund is a snow hydrology researcher that uses integrative methods to improve understanding of the timing and magnitude of snowmelt contributions to streamflow in mountainous areas. She is particularly interested in how field methodologies and physically based modeling may complement, validate, and further elucidate remotely sensed information, with an eye for the topographic and orographic complexities of mountain environments that challenge accurate snowmelt runoff forecasting.

Recognizing that many communities around the world rely on snow as a primary water resource, and that this natural reservoir system is changing with climate, her work supports the generation of actionable scientific knowledge through processes of inter- and trans-disciplinary team science and knowledge co-production. It is my hope that, processes of knowledge co-production that bring scientific researchers together with operational experts, decision-makers, sovereign tribes, community members, farmers and ranchers, recreationists, and others, can together create a holistic and robust understanding of the complex and interconnected challenges related to climate change impacts on the water cycle, and together innovate pathways to anticipate and adapt to those impacts.


Selected Publications

Lund, J., Forster, R. R., Jameel, Y., Rupper, S. B., Deeb, E. J., Dars, G. H., ... & Burian, S. J. (2023). Constraining Mountain Streamflow Constituents by Integrating Citizen Scientist Acquired Geochemical Samples and Sentinel‐1 SAR Wet Snow Time‐Series for the Shimshal Catchment in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan. Water Resources Research, 59(3), e2022WR032171.

Lund, J., Forster, R. R., Deeb, E. J., Liston, G. E., Skiles, S. M., & Marshall, H. P. (2022). Interpreting Sentinel-1 SAR Backscatter Signals of Snowpack Surface Melt/Freeze, Warming, and Ripening, through Field Measurements and Physically-Based SnowModel. Remote Sensing, 14(16), 4002.

Lund, J., Forster, R. R., Rupper, S. B., Deeb, E. J., Marshall, H. P., Hashmi, M. Z., & Burgess, E. (2020). Mapping snowmelt progression in the Upper Indus Basin with synthetic aperture radar. Frontiers in Earth Science, 318.

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