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Honors Advising


What is Honors Advising?

The mission of the Honors College Advising team is to offer top-flight supplemental advising that helps students develop a holistic plan for completing their degree and engaging in meaningful academic work, co-curricular experiences, and research opportunities at UW. We work with students to accurately explain the requirements for the Honors College minor and help them develop a realistic plan for completing those requirements. Further, it is our mission to assist Honors students to build community within the college and across UW by helping them connect with college and campus resources. Lastly, our team strives to assist students in mapping cohesive and values-based educational, career, and life plans.

Due to the supplementary nature of Honors College Advising, we also serve to proactively educate all UW Academic Advisors, especially those who serve as Honors students’ primary major advisors, in regard to the Honors curriculum and courses.

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What is an Honors Advisor vs a Major Advisor?

All students at UW are assigned an advisor in their major college/department. Students are required to meet with their primary advisor at least once per semester in order to review their planned schedule for the next semester and to receive their Personal Electronic Registration Code (PERC).  Students cannot register for Fall or Spring classes without meeting with their primary advisor.

Honors Advising supports the work that students do with their primary advisors.  We instruct students on Honors curriculum requirements and help students select their Honors courses.  We can assist students in creating four-year (or five- or six-year) graduation plans.  We also coordinate transfer credit, study abroad opportunities, and substitutions within the Honors College. Additionally, we can assist students with study skills, career counseling, career counseling, and getting connected on campus.

Meet your Honors Advisors

Li Teng

Li Teng

Guthrie House G11 | | 307-766-3005

Schedule an appointment with Li

In person or Zoom appointments
Advising open hours (no appointment needed): Mondays 9am-1pm

Daniel Gray

Daniel Gray

Guthrie House 211 |

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In person or Zoom appointments

Laura Olson

Laura Olson

Guthrie House 10b |

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In person or Zoom appointments
Advising open hours (no appointment needed): Thursdays, 9am-11am


Honors College Advising Learning Outcomes

Students who engage in advising with the Honors College will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the requirements for completing the Honors curriculum

  • Understand the requirements for maintaining good standing within the Honors College

  • Create a tentative course schedule to share with their primary major advisor each semester (using the WyoCourses Plan Ahead feature or other methods)

  • Demonstrate competency using the WyoRecords registration system

  • Utilize Degree Works and Four-Year Degree Plans to map and monitor progress towards their degree

  • Articulate their educational and experiential goals at UW as well as how those goals fit into their career plans

  • Develop a plan for completing their Honors Capstone Project

Peak Advising for Course Registration

Each semester prior to Advising Week and course registration, we offer additional advising resources to help students prepare for their appointments with their primary advisors and for course registration. These resources include increased group advising/Capstone Project information sessions, individual advising, email and phone advising, and dissemination of Honors curriculum requirements, course offerings, and other information through email and other digital channels.


Advising Support

Questions about your Honors minor? Please contact the Honors academic advising team at

Questions about the Honors Capstone? Please contact the Honors Capstone Coordinators, Dr. Joslyn Cassady and Dr. Thomas Grant, at