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English Majors in the Honors College are encouraged and automatically eligible to pursue graduating with Honors in English concomitantly with their Honors College distinction. The Honors Capstone may be used to complete both Honors College Honors Capstone requirements and English Honors thesis requirements. English Honors students must register for ENGL4630, which can be a 0-3 credit course depending on the student's preference, in the semester during which they intend to complete their thesis/Honors Capstone (typically fall or spring of their senior year). The form for 4630 registration can be found here:

Once students have registered for 4630, the only further requirement beyond the Honors Capstone/English thesis itself is a "defense" -- a conversation with your advisor, a second faculty reader, and Arielle Zibrak (director of the English Honors Program). Any students interested in pursuing this option should contact Dr. Zibrak at azibrak@uwyo.edu. 

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