Student Applications

Applications for 2024 UW Summer High School Institute are closed!

Applications were due February 18th, 2024.

(Please click the links below to submit your student application, a letter of recommendation, and student transcript.)

Student Application        Recommendation Submissions        Upload Transcript - Counselors Only

Student Application Process:

  1. Click on the student application link above and fill out the application. Included in this application will be uploading two documents:
    A) Your Personal Statement sharing aspects of yourself that help us understand who you are, what motivates you, how you want to grow as an individual, and what you hope  to get out of Summer High School Institute; 
    B) Awards & Achievements document with a list of any awards you have received inside or outside of school and some extracurricular activities you are involved in.

    You have two options for the Personal Statement: one is to write an essay of 250-500 words; the other is to create a short video (no more than 4 minutes). If you go with the video, please provide a link to your submission via YouTube, Vimeo, or a shared cloud drive.
  2. Talk to someone who can write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. This can be a teacher, counselor, coach, or family friend. Tell them to visit our website and click on the recommendation submission link above.
  3. Talk to your counselor at your school and ask them to upload a copy of your transcript through our website by clicking on the upload transcript link above. 

It is the responsibility of the student to inform their counselor that they are applying for the program and that their transcripts should be submitted online. They must also inform those who will be giving their letter of recommendation to submit them online.

Student Selection:

HSI is an enrichment program for high ability high school students. Applicants should be 10th-grade students who have many of the following traits, aptitudes, and behaviors:

  • creativity, imagination, and curiosity
  • initiative and motivation
  • communication skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • insight
  • humor
  • enthusiasm about learning and life in general

Accepted students will receive a package in the mail including their acceptance letter and further paperwork.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • be in the 10th grade at a public or private high school in Wyoming or homeschooled;
  • be current residents of Wyoming;
  • intend to return to a Wyoming school for the next term; and
  • be committed to participate fully and remain for the entire three weeks of the program.
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