CSWA Call for Proposals


The Center for the Study of Written Advocacy of the University of Wyoming College of Law and the Department of Psychology of the University of Wyoming invite proposals for presentations at the first Psychology of Persuasion Conference, to be held September 18-19, 2015 at the University of Wyoming College of Law in Laramie, Wyoming.

The Conference

In February 2014, the University of Nevada—Las Vegas hosted the first Psychology of Lawyering conference, bringing together close to 100 scholars from all across the legal academy and scholars in cognitive psychology to discuss a wide range of ways in which psychology influences the practice of law. At the end of the conference, during a “where do we go from here?” reflective session, a consensus emerged that additional conferences would be welcomed. Possibilities included another large-scale conference similar to the one just concluded, or a series of smaller, more targeted conferences aimed at specific areas in which the fields of psychology and lawyering intersect.

The Psychology of Persuasion Conference is intended to be a targeted follow-up to the UNLV Psychology of Lawyering conference. Good advocates need to understand basic principles of cognitive psychology in order to craft the most persuasive arguments they can to support their client’s cause. Scholars who are currently working in this area are invited to present their work and lead discussions of how judges and juries process information and reach decisions, and how lawyers can use that knowledge to become more effective advocates.

Details on travel arrangements and hotels will be announced later in the spring semester.

 Who Should Attend

We hope this conference will be a cross-disciplinary discussion of topics of interest to both the legal academy and scholars of psychology and law. Scholars of written and trial advocacy, clinical professors of law, and psychology scholars all approach this important subject from different perspectives, and all can learn from each other. We particularly invite scholars involved in empirical research to present their findings.

 The Sponsors

This conference is co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Written Advocacy of the University of Wyoming College of Law, and by the University of Wyoming Department of Psychology. The mission of the Center for the Study of Written Advocacy is to advance the discipline of legal writing and, more specifically, the practice of professional legal advocacy by producing, facilitating, and promoting research and scholarship that explores the substance, procedure, and ethics of written legal advocacy. The Psychology Department at the University of Wyoming has a Ph.D. program in Psychology/Law and has promoted psycholegal scholarship for 30 years.

 Possible Publishing Opportunity

The Wyoming Law Review is in the process of selecting its Editorial Board for 2015-2016. The conference organizers will work with the new Board to see if the Wyoming Law Review might publish a selection of the best papers presented at the conference in a symposium issue.

 Application Process

To make a proposal for our conference, please complete the application form, and e-mail it to Prof. Ken Chestek, kchestek@uwyo.edu.

The deadline for submitting proposals is March 1, 2015 Successful applicants will be notified no later than April 15, 2015.


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