Faculty Highlight: Article Published by Professor Lauren McLane in the Spotlight

lauren mclane

Wyoming’s very own Professor McLane gained some national notoriety among her peers in the criminal law profession this week. Her article “Confronting the Twenty-First-Century Marian Examination,” which was recently published in the Albany Law Review (82 Alb. L. Rev. 949), was one of the “top ten most downloaded” list on SSRN for: CJRN: Other Forensic Science (Topic), Forensic Science eJournal, LSN: Evidence (Criminal Procedure) (Topic) and LSN: Evidence, Discovery, & Disclosure (Sub-Topic). The article was posted to the SSRN website on July 9, and has since been downloaded 20+ times.

In addition to her article being in high demand, a law professor blog network page based out of California “CrimProf Blog,” called attention to it. The post “McLane on Confrontation and Forensic Evidence,” highlighted her abstract, pointing out the relevancy of her topic and analysis.

“It is an important time for the confrontation clause when it comes to forensic evidence because as of this date we have no clear direction from the U.S. Supreme Court,” say Professor McLane. “This article both asks for that direction and also provides guidance to the high court as to how it should clear up the confusion of the confrontation clause as it applies to forensic evidence.”

Professor McLane joined the University of Wyoming College of Law in the summer of 2018. Prior to academia, she worked as both a public defender and subsequently as a private practitioner where she continued her work in criminal defense.  In her year on the faculty, she has continued to publish valuable scholarship on the topics of criminal law and forensic evidence, as well as direct the Defender Aid Clinic which has gained substantial momentum in its caseload, court victories, and student popularity.

Professor McLane brings a positive energy and exuberance to her areas of interest and has a remarkable amount of influence when it comes to discussing difficult questions. The College of Law is excited to see her name already making waves in the academic world so early in her career.

“Academia really allows me to reach beyond the courtroom doors and reach a more global audience when it comes to these matters,” she adds.  “It is really exciting to see so early in the process of this article being published and released that people are paying attention to this important issue.”


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