Professor George Mocsary Releases Updated Online Chapters of Firearms Law and the Second Amendment: Regulation, Rights, and Policy

George Mocsary

As a Second Amendment scholar and business law connoisseur, University of Wyoming College of Law Professor George Mocsary has made significant contributions through his research and savvy legal analysis in both fields. Among many of his accomplishments, Professor Mocsary recently offered an updated version of the supplemental chapters to his co-authored publication, “Firearms Law and the Second Amendment: Regulation, Rights, and Policy” (2nd ed. 2017).

The first casebook on its topic, it provides a comprehensive history of firearms law and expands into modern case law; serving as both a traditional textbook for the growing demand of firearms law classes throughout the nation, as well as a treatise for those looking to expand their knowledge of a variety of topics within firearms law.

The casebook is available as a hard copy and offers supplementary chapters that are available online.

The release of the updated chapters is timely in the current, politically charged environment, serving as a go-to resource on important issues happening in the world. The online chapters cover a range of related topics surrounding firearms law, including a comparative analysis between U.S. firearms laws and other nations, and an in-depth look of firearms culture and policy as it relates to important social issues. The newly revised online chapters are available free on SSRN and on the Firearms Regulation Website.

Touted as a leading expert in the field of Second Amendment issues, Professor Mocsary has also served as a value asset to a multitude of outlets, including academic institutions, publications, and mainstream media.

Professor Mocsary has established a special relationship with the newly created Duke Center for Firearms Law. The goals of the Center are to promote firearms law as a distinct area of scholarship, to serve as a resource in providing reliable and balanced scholarship, and to encourage non-partisan debates on the Second Amendment. As a recognized scholar in the field, Mocsary has been regularly approached to offer his insights and research to the Center. Most recently, he was featured in the latest episode of the Center’s Scholarship Highlight Series. The Full interview can be viewed here where he discusses his contributions to the updated online chapters in greater depth.

His work has also been cited in the other legal scholarship publications. In the past year, he has been cited in the Yale Law Journal, the Harvard Law Review Forum, the William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal, and the Duke Law Journal Online.

Mocsary has also served as a resource to national media outlets seeking to understand the nuances of firearms law as it applies to current affairs. In areas of lively debate involving firearms, he offers his explanations on how the law applies to the situation. In the current climate of protests and riots, the use of force and the right to bear arms is again at the forefront of many discussions. Over the past several months, Professor Mocsary has been sought for his professional opinion on these matters, and has been quoted in several news outlets.

Beginning in December of 2019, Mocsary was quoted in the New York Times about the prospect of multiple firearms cases appearing before the United States Supreme Court. As a follow up, he was quoted again by Route Fifty when the Supreme Court declined to hear a variety of firearms cases.

His expertise was requested once more to fact check headlines when tensions were high involving protestors and the use of force. He served as a voice of reason from the fallout of escalated tensions and remedies. He also addressed a conundrum experienced in D.C. regarding the public transfers of federally licensed firearms.

In addition to his scholarly works focused on the Second Amendment, Mocsary is an accomplished business law scholar and specialist. He serves as the Director of the College of Law’s Entrepreneurship and Business Law Practicum, as well as teaches courses in Contracts, Corporations, Securities Regulations and Agency and Partnership. 

He was a driving force in the organization of the Ostrom Discussion Colloquium with the Institute for Human Studies at George Mason University in March 2020. Offering input and guidance at the event, the Colloquium was a success in discussing the intersection between economics and law. It is the first of what is planned to be a series of law and economics colloquia.

He is currently publishing in the area of insider trading. His co-authored article “Public Perceptions of Insider Trading,” which is forthcoming.

Mocsary joined the College of Law in July of 2019 and has already made a substantial impact as a leading scholar and in elevating the profile of the college. Un-phased by the uncertainty surrounding the nation and particularly institutions of higher education, Mocsary remains steadfastly on the path to serve as an important resource through his academic research. The College of Law is extremely proud of all that his has accomplished in his short time on our faculty.


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