Local Law Firm Pence and MacMillan LLC Celebrates 75th Anniversary and College of Law Alumni

A quote about doing your civic duty, and a little bit more.

Though 2020 has been a “unique” year, it is still one that serves as a marker of important milestones. While the College of Law marked its 100-year anniversary, a local law firm that shares many close ties to the law school is also celebrating it 75th anniversary. Pence and MacMillan LLC opened its doors in 1945 and has stood as a pillar of civility and service, predominantly comprised of UW College of Law graduates.

The tradition of giving back and being involved with the alma mater is what led to the formation of the firm that we know today. In short, without the College of Law, there would be no Pence and MacMillan.

Alfred A. Pence, one of the original founders and a namesake of the firm, was also one of the earliest graduates of the College of Law. After earning his law degree in 1929 in a class of four, Pence began practicing law in Laramie. He served as a city attorney, notably shutting down one of Laramie’s last brothels, before serving in the army during WWII. He returned to Laramie to embark on a life long career as a litigator.

He established the firm ‘Pence and Millet’ in 1945 with George J. Millet, a 1937 graduate of the College of Law. Hoke MacMillan, a 1970 graduate of the College of Law, joined the firm in 1974. In 1982, he joined Pence as a senior partner of the firm, and it became what it is known as today, Pence and MacMillan, LLC.

By the time MacMillan joined the firm, he was already reputable in his trade as an outstanding attorney. However, it was his ambition as a law student that first made Pence take notice of his abilities. The two first became acquainted when Pence served as a Trustee for the University of Wyoming and MacMillan served as president of the student body while in law school.

The firm has grown over the years and now is represented in multiple locations beyond Laramie, including Cheyenne and Sheridan. Utilizing the well-rounded educations of its attorneys, the practice areas of the firm have also grown to include civil litigation, criminal law defense, family law, probate and trust administration, estate planning and administration, business and financial law, real estate and landlord laws, municipal and governmental law, labor and termination law, and oil and gas law.

A unique attribute of the firm is that throughout the changes it has been through – with old and new partners at the helm, it has remained steadfast in its name, paying homage to some of its original creators and upholding a 75-year legacy.

Part of that legacy is the emphasis on service.

Known for witty and often profound one-liners, Al Pence famously remarked, “When it comes to civic involvement, do your share and a little bit more.” This pearl of wisdom has become more of a mantra for the firm and a core value to uphold for the profession. Had Pence not practiced what he preached and devoted much of himself to outside service within the University and the community, it’s highly possible that Pence and MacMillan’s paths would never have crossed.

“When we hire associates, we make it clear that they are expected to be involved in charitable organizations,” says Senior Partner Greg Weisz. “Our lawyers believe in the work and it’s a great way for the attorney to get to know the community.”

It is also a great way to usher in a new generation of practitioners and be inspired by what they have to offer. In that regard, the attorneys of the firm have been greatly involved with the College of Law.

Over the years, members of the firm have dedicated a substantial amount of their time volunteering in the Summer Trial Institute, serving on the Dean’s Advisory Board, and serving as judges for student competitions. As a local firm, the College of Law leans heavily on the availability and proximity of its attorneys, particularly in the Wyoming weather where a need for volunteers can be high on extremely short notice. The firm has also been generous with sponsorship of student events, competitions, and scholarships.

In turn, the College of Law has helped forge relationships and showcase up-and-coming talent with each new wave of graduates.

While not every employee to walk through the doors of the firm is or has been a UW law graduate, the vast majority are proud alumni of the College of Law.  Nevertheless, all have fit seamlessly into the culture of the firm, humbly representing the core values of the legal community and the state.

The College of Law would like to congratulate Pence and MacMillan on 75 years of practice and for embodying what it means to be a Wyoming Lawyer!

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