Greg Dyekman on the Joy of Philanthropy

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Greg Dyekman

Cheyenne attorney Greg Dyekman (B.S. accounting with honors ’77, J.D. ’80) is passionate about the University of Wyoming. He has made gifts large and small to support the colleges across campus for decades. He has also left a gift to UW in his will.

“I think, honestly, my mission is to make college life a little easier for the students,” Greg says.

But how did Greg get here? First, he was a student. As an alum he drifted away. But then he reconnected, and the rest is history.

“A big event happened to me when Thyra Thomson, who was the Secretary of State at the time, asked me if I wanted to attend a Board of Visitors meeting in the College of Arts and Sciences,” says Greg. “I wasn’t a graduate of A&S, but I went to that meeting and loved it, and it totally reconnected me with the university.” He continues to serve on that board.

Greg gave his very first gift in 1984—$125 to the Law School Enrichment Fund. Then he began to give more gifts to more areas. His gifts and passion for UW grew. And he loved it.

Greg says that, during UW’s fundraising DISTINCTION Campaign, “I decided, after talking to the program director for Debate, that I would make my first endowment gift. It brought me immense joy.”

Practicing as an estate attorney, Greg learned that others feel similar about giving. “The immense pleasure that people get when they include a charitable gift is just amazing to me,” he says. “It makes me very happy for them.”

He continues, “The thing that I’ve learned as a giver: There is tremendous joy in philanthropy. Every time I make a gift, it makes me smile at that moment. But it also continuously makes me smile every time.”

Greg says, “A planned gift says I trust you. I love your mission. I want to make sure that mission lasts.”


This story first appeared in Cowboy Legacy, a publication of the University of Wyoming Foundation. The College of Law also thanks Greg Dyekman for his long and continuing service on the College of Law Dean's Advisory Board, his support for a named law professorship, and his exceptional leadership on projects such as UW Giving Days and the College of Law building and renovation project.

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