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Course Offerings

Native American & Indigenous Studies Program

Semester Class Schedule

Foundations in Native American Studies 1001
Explains the development of the academic discipline of Native American studies. Explores how its interdisciplinary composition facilitates the exploration of Native histories, cultures, and contemporary concerns. Promotes new knowledge about American Indian people.

Beginning Indigenous Language 1010
Fundamentals of grammar, conversation, composition, and reading.

Social Justice in the 21st Century 1030
Appropriate for students interested in diversity and social justice. Topics covered through an interdisciplinary study of people and society range from identity, critical thinking, empowerment, role models, stereotyping, institutional discrimination, and tolerance.

Native Americans in Contemporary Society 1350
Examines social and cultural issues and concerns of Native Americans both on and off reservations. Explores the status of Native American people within the dominant society and culture.

Intermediate Indigenous Language 2010
Second level fundamentals of grammar, conversation, composition, and reading.

Topics 2060
Popular and current topics in Native American studies.

North American Indians 2210
Comparative consideration of North American Indian culture areas at European contact period.

History of North American Indians 2290
Studies Native American history through 500 years and across the continent. Considers Native political, social, and economic continuity and change. Focuses on how Native peoples experienced and responded to times of dramatic change.

Native American Culture and Literature 2340
Presents a broad cultural study of Native Americans, past and present. Readings and class discussions examine early Native American myths, philosophy, folklore, and autobiographies.

Native Americans in Hollywood Film 2345
Examines the ways Hollywood films have constructed various forms of racial identity for Native Americans. Provides insight into how Native Americans are represented the medium of popular film.

Plains Culture and History 3000
An ethnohistorical study of those Native peoples inhabiting the Plains region of the U.S. from prehistory to the present.

Proficient Indigenous Language 3010
Emphasizes the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing so as to help students function effectively in the tribal cultural context of which the language is a part.

Tribal Literatures of the Great Plains 3100
Presents American Indian literatures of the Great Plains region, the locus of much historical and contemporary significance in regard to Native American cultures. Allows students to confront and reexamine the national narratives surrounding Native Americans.

Indigenous Peoples and the Environment 3200
Understand the historical, political, and socio-economic forces that have shaped the relationships of Indigenous peoples to their environments, and be able to discern the similarities and dissimilarities of Indigenous issues across international borders.

Federal Indian Law 3300
Explores the legal relationships among, and relative jurisdictions of, federal, tribal, and state governments. Specific topics include civil and criminal jurisdiction, taxation, family law, hunting and fishing, and gaming regulations.

Traditional Ecological Knowledge 3400
Description of the interaction between economy, religion, language and the ecosystem for select Indigenous peoples and discussion of the pedagogical methods for preserving their ecological knowledge. Examines the conflict between contemporary society's demands and preserving the traditional society's heritage.

Indians of Wyoming 4000
Analyzes social, political, and economic developments of Native peoples of Wyoming before, during, and after contact with Europeans.

Advanced Indigenous Language 4010
Stresses the usage of language through composition, conversation, oral presentation, and grammar review.

Internship 4020
Reflective work in Native American studies in a practical setting with written agreement among student, director, and site. Students work on or off campus in settings addressing such areas as politics, economics, education, law, or human services affecting Native Americans.

Tribal Government 4100
Examines traditional systems of tribal governance; the establishment of contemporary tribal governments; stakeholders and their goals; factors influencing tribal government operations; powers of tribal governments; and the future of tribal governments.

Educational Foundations in Native American Education 4110/5110
Examines cultural, geographical, linguistic, spiritual, political, and societal factors before, during, and after colonization. Development of insights into positive teacher-pupil-community relationships that honor cultural and language differences and enhance achievement.

Indigenous Communities Abroad: International Travel 4200
Devoted to study/travel related to Indigenous peoples abroad.

Natural Resource Management on Western Reservations 4340
Examines natural resource management techniques on western reservations. Focus is on the management and planning of water, grazing, extractive industries, and forestry. Fieldwork on the Wind River Reservation is included.

Native American Women 4360/5360
Considers the lives of Native American women in a variety of contexts through time. The complexity and diversity of Indian women's experience throughout history are emphasized.

Native American Literature 4460
Advanced critical study of the history of Native American literature, emphasizing the authors' views of social change. Explores how cultural, narrative, and artistic conventions from specific American Indian communities shape texts.

Native American History to 1783 4462/5462
Surveys the history of Native Americans from the period before contact to the end of the American Revolution. Examines the various contacts between Native Americans and Europeans and considers what the American Revolution meant to the continent's Native peoples.

Native American History 1783-1890 4463/5463
Surveys the history of Native Americans during the era of westward expansion. Examines the impact of American westward movement and also the manifold changes that accompanied Natives moving west.

Native Americans in the 20th Century 4464/5464
Surveys the history of Native Americans during the 20th century. Examines the development of new cultural, social, and political forms that help create an Native American identity.

Native American Ethnohistory 4466/5466
Surveys ethnohistorical methods and concepts and provides students concrete opportunities to use these methodologies in writing exercises. Explores Native American experiences within their own cultural contexts.

Native Americans in the North American West 4468/5468
Through the discussion of varied readings and primary document research, the history of Native Americans in the West is examined, with particular emphasis on the Great Plains and California.

Native Cultures of Latin America, 15th Century-Present 4492
An ethnohistorical overview of Mesoamerican and Andean Indian cultures from the 15th century to the present. Focuses on Native American responses to colonialism, capitalism, nationalism, and globalization.

American Southwest 4525
Explores the southwest as the location of cultural encounters and conflicts. Focuses on the cross-cultural interchange between Native Americans, Mexican Americans, and Anglo Americans from the 15th century to the present.

Native American Languages and Cultures 4740
Demonstrates the interrelationship of language and culture in several Native American communities. Examines anthropological and linguistic theories regarding language spread and the peopling of North America, narrative performance, and translation.

Special Topics 4990
Current research topics presented by regular and visiting faculty.

Independent Study 5000
Conference course to permit students opportunity for directed and independent study in Native issues.

History and Philosophy of Native American Education 5121
Addresses the history of Native education. Examines missionary initiatives, government programs, and tribal efforts. Development of insight into appropriate teaching methods and materials.

Cultural Foundations of Native American Education 5130
Analysis of contemporary educational issues and experiences of Native Americans. Examines the impacts of cultural orientations, stereotypes, bias, and other issues that impact the educational attainment of Native American students.

Instructional Methods in Native American Education 5141
Addresses methodologies for teaching Native American students. Reviews documentary and autobiographical accounts of Native education. Develops an appreciation of the complexity and difficulties of Native education.

Enrichment Studies 5959
Designed to provide an enrichment experience in a variety of topics.

Contact Us

Arts and Sciences/Native American and Indigenous Studies

Native American Education Research and Cultural Center, Rm 117, 200 S 10th St

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-2733

Fax: 307-766-2555

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